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Deconstructing a NEO Vision Contact Lens

What's Different About NEO Vision Circle Lenses?

Sandwich Technology of NEO Vision Circle Lenses

NEO Vision colored contacts utilise an advanced "sandwich" engineering method to deposit the pigment in the middle of the lens. An ultra thin film is layered on top to lock in the color, adding a lustrous finish to the lens and preventing any discoloration. NEO Vision obtained patent for this technology in 2006.

NEO Vision Circle Lenses manufactured with internal absorption technology

US FDA approved pigments penetrate and are absorbed into the lens material using nanoparticle technology. This prevents any contact between the eye and pigment, ensuring safety and comfortable wear.

Multi Curve Aspheric Design of NEO Vision Circle Lenses

The revolutionary "3-Curve" aspheric design of the lens allows for maximal oxygen permeability and distribution onto the surface of the eye. The result is a highly breathable, moist lens that retains all-day comfort.

It's for these reasons that NEO Vision is officially our favorite color contact lens brand here at EyeCandy's. Our staff wear them everyday and are happy to report that they perform well even in the offices of Hong Kong known for blasting air conditioning!

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