Posted by Amaya C

Talk to any kid about the Disney animated movie “Frozen” and they’ll probably start singing you the movie’s theme song “Let It Go.” That’s how popular the film has become since its release way back in November of last year. All kinds of people, from grandma to Uncle Tony, have gone gaga over Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and the rest of the film’s characters.

Oh, did I forget to mention Elsa, the snow queen of Arendelle and older sister to Anna? Queen Elsa is one of the main characters of the movie. She has a strikingly beautiful appearance, long platinum blonde hair, and a pair of ice blue-colored eyes that matches very well with her porcelain complexion. For an animated character, she is mesmerizingly pretty. Costume and specialty shops are going to be flooded with Queen Elsa costume orders this coming Halloween, that’s for sure.

Obviously, it is the eyes that give her that realistic exquisiteness. Oh yes, the eyes! How would you like to go as Queen Elsa of Frozen to your upcoming Halloween party, with a pair of eyes as mesmerizing as the movie character’s? No Halloween outfit is ever complete without a good pair of costume lenses.

Nowadays, people who love dressing up for Halloween are no longer contented with just wearing a tuxedo and a subtle makeup to resemble a vampire. There has to be a nice pair of vampire lenses that will make the outfit more menacing and creepy. You either go all out or go home, as what most costume enthusiasts would say.

There are different types of costume lenses that would match perfectly with almost any Halloween outfit. If you want to go as a zombie, which is also rather popular thanks to The Walking Dead and the thousands of George A. Romero fans, there are plenty of decent pairs of zombie contact lenses to choose from.

And since Frozen, or Queen Elsa to be more precise, is the latest trend these days when it comes to costumes, contact lenses that resemble the character’s eyes are flying off the shelves from every costume and specialty shops everywhere.

Blue contacts for your Frozen's Elsa Halloween Costume

However, if you really want top quality costume lenses to match your Queen Elsa outfit, there is nothing better than Royal Vision Macaron Blue contacts to help transform your dark hazel peepers into a sparkling vortex of elegant blue-colored eyes. Circle contact lenses slightly differ from other costume lenses due to their 15mm diameter, which makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter, just like the Queen Elsa’s.

Aside from transforming your eyes and making them sparkle like Queen Elsa’s, Royal Vision Macaron Blue lenses are made of high quality materials, so you will feel completely comfortable even with the extra weight you’re wearing. With your Queen Elsa-like eyes, you are sure to turn heads this Halloween, and children will want their pictures taken with you, too! You’ll have to brace yourself; to prepare yourself to become a celebrity even for just one night.

So, if you’re bent on becoming Queen Elsa this Halloween, get some Macaron Blue lenses and transform yourself into the beautiful ice queen of Frozen. Your date can go as Kristoff; or maybe Olaf would be a better choice as he’s funny and adorable—he’ll make a perfect date. Of course, you’ll have to practice belting out “Let It Go” as the children might ask you to sing it from time to time. And then you’ll have to learn how to control Elsa’s powers; otherwise, everything you touch will be frozen!

As previously mentioned, Frozen and Queen Elsa costumes, including contact lenses, are flying off the shelves this early. So, it will do you a lot of good to start shopping for your outfit now. In order to play the character of Queen Elsa perfectly, you won’t only need to dress like her or to turn your hair blond and braided; you will also need eyes as exquisite and mesmerizing as her.

Without the right pair of contact lenses, your Elsa will not make a significant impact this Halloween. After all, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, right?