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The Best Celebrity Colored Contacts Collaborations

The Best Celebrity Colored Contacts Collaborations

It’s no surprise how we get thrilled when our favorite contact lens brands come up with new collections from time to time, but nothing compares when these beloved brands team up with our favorite celebritites to create specialized collections. Sure, these brands’ in house creatives alone are incredibly impressive in their job, but whenever they join minds with our favorite celebs, not only do our contact lens lover selves are hyped, but also our inner #1 fan hearts!

One might ask: what’s so interesting about celebrity collaborations? Well for one, it’s exciting to see how they inject their artistic flair into something (in this case, colored contacts), and it’s interesting to see how their personalities reflect on something that’s beyond their field of influence.

Sit back and prepare your cart as we round up 5 of the best celebrity colored contacts collaborations that have sealed their place on the contact lens market.


Starting our shortlist strong is renowned Korean beauty guru PONY. 1STREET by PONY is a creative collection with highly celebrated brand Lenstown that showcases PONY’s mastery in stunning color combinations to fully create bold and stylish looks. If you watch her videos, you’d know that she knows her stuff not only because she’s a makeup expert but moreso because she’s an avid contact lens user herself! With her assembly of makeup looks stringing from natural to audacious, PONY is not one to shy away from daring looks. PONY’s unparalleled versatily speaks volumes with her collection of four riveting circle contact lenses in blue, grey, green, and brown. If you think you’ve seen all kinds of colored eye contacts, wait ‘til you see PONY’s.



Always a goodie and never an oldie, natural-looking colored eye contacts are hailed as staples in any contact lens user’s shelf. For the charming and sweet Kpop star and actress Suzy Bae, natural doesn’t always have to equal boring. Interojo’s Clalen by Suzy started with a collection of grey, black, and five variants of brown natural circle colored contacts—loved by all, hoarded by many. Just recently, Clalen and Suzy surprised us all with the Iris M Series, a collection of not just the good ‘ol browns and greys, but now with variants of green and purple—all still created with the signature au naturel look. With Clalen’s growing line of circle contact lenses, it’s been pretty amazing to see how Suzy has continuously reinvented the typical colored contact lens while encasing her innate charisma and sweetness into every piece of lens. Also developed with ample UV protection and a moisture content of 43%, we’re pretty sure that Clalen will forever remain to be a goodie in and on the eyes of many.

Clalen by Suzy


Maybe we could all agree that their eyes are the windows to our happy souls, yes? (Be still, our Wannable hearts!) And what better way to make our hearts flutter even more than to finally have something to take on with us that these men have designed for themselves? Joining the wagon of pure contact lens goodness are our dashing Wanna One princes ready to capture our hearts with a delightful collection of natural colored eye contacts. A pool of choco, beige, grey, blue, and pink colored eye contacts made for a soft look, one can easily snag those enhanting eyes without a hitch. This is an exclusive and limited edition collection so get yours while it lasts!

Wanna One Wannaful Lenses


Japanese fashion model and TV personality Rola’s decade-long career gracing the spreads of editorials and advertisements has created for herself a reputation in elegant style and impeccable talent. With a large fanbase in Japan, there’s no doubt that her style speaks gospel truth. Having her design a collection for contact lens maker PIA is undoubtedly one of her most telling outputs in terms of her personality and style. Her natural dolly appearance must have made people dream of having the same big beautiful eyes as hers, and she graciously sketched out these stunning eye designs for all of us to try!

The Lilmoon Eyedoll collection proudly displays grey, brown, and hazel colored eye contacts acclaimed by many celebrities and fashion experts. The designs in this collection are a bit more glamorous to wear on a natural setting so these are perfect for occasions demanding a bold and sophisticated look.

Lilmoon by Rola


Closing the list is a Japanese icon that has made a name across international borders. Naomi Watanabe, fondly known as the Japanese Beyonce, has been seen parading her vivacious personality and channeling herself into fashion collaborations with famous brands like GAP, her self-made creations such as her clothing line, Punyus, and now a personal colored contacts collection named N’s Collection. Naomi has always been loved by all because of her confident and bubbly aura and this personality of hers is reimagined in seven bright yet natural-looking contact lenses. N’s Collection may exude Naomi’s charm and wit, but these dynamic pieces also allow room to express your own personality, with a boost.

N's Collection

We are at an era where famous personalities are given opportunities to create masterpieces through collaborations. Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, there’s just something about these up and coming rave-inducing collaborations that makes us wanting for more. Not only do we get to see their work being brought to life, but we also get the chance to take a hold of their creations and make them our own.

With these creative partnerships already blossoming, we're only excited on what collaborations to see in the future.

Which of these celebrity contacts collaborations would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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