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Top Halloween Costumes for 2017

Top Halloween Costumes for 2017

Looking for the best picks for Halloween Costumes / Halloween Contact Lenses for 2017? We’ve gathered 17 show-stopping looks inspired, of course, by this year’s popular personalities and movie characters.

Going all out this Halloween is expected. Sure, sporting an exact duplicate of your character’s outfit will probably get you tons of compliments. But what about popping on the right blue Halloween contact lenses to perfect your Kylie Jenner look? That’s gonna be so bomb!

“But Jessica, there’s tons of options out there. How are we supposed to narrow it down to the perfect pair?”

Say no more.


17 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is not just about the scare; it can be about glam and an overflow of serious creativity from you guys! And so that is why we’ve curated this list: celebrities, famous movie, and TV show characters. And as an added bonus: we've included a couple of the perfect Halloween contact lenses for each character!


Kylie Jenner

You can count on this woman to set off trends on a global scale. With a 97.5M-strong following on Instagram, we are constantly on the lookout for what this lady has up on her sleeves.

Dress up as her and you are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Put together an uber sexy outfit, amplify your lips for that signature look and never forget to put on a pair of Halloween contact lenses for a realistic impersonation.

Like Kylie, don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself! Choose to wear a light brown pair of Halloween contacts to mimic Kylie’s natural eye colour or change up your look with a blue pair of Halloween contact lenses for an electrifying gaze!

These Royal Vision Macaron Brown Halloween contacts are a perfect match to Kylie's caramel-brown eyes. You don't have to worry about your natural color peeping through the sides of these Halloween contact lenses, thanks to the 14.00mm graphic diameter that covers the natural size of the iris.

This photo got everyone talking, and for good reason! Do not underestimate what a change of eye colour can do to your overall look. Just be sure to pick the most natural-looking blue Halloween contacts like the EyeCandy’s Glossy 3-Tone Blue contact lenses. You’ll be surprised with how natural these will look over your natural eye color.

Covet these looks for Halloween and enjoy the limelight as you take on the role of a global trendsetter and CEO of a growing cosmetic empire!


Taylor Swift

Have you seen her latest video?? After some months of silence, she has surprised everyone recently with another controversial single.

Withholding our thoughts on the mayhem behind this exceedingly catchy tune, no one can contest to the fabulous looks she sported in the music video (literally every iconic looks from every music video + more!). She got me wanting to try every single look for Halloween. Tay, look what you made me do! *smirks*

Of course, no Taylor Swift look will ever be complete and believable without a dazzling pair of blue eyes, and that’s where we come in to the rescue!

Whatever Taylor Swift outfit you rock, make sure you have either of these Halloween contact lenses in handy. If you want more of a natural-looking blue, the stunning NEO Monthly Silicos Glitter Blue are for you. However, if you wanna go for more definition, the striking contrast offered by the Royal Vision Fancy Blue colored contacts are the way to go.

Go all out Taylor this Halloween with these Halloween contact lenses. Like her, people are gonna talk about you for days on end!

Movie Characters

Beauty and The Beast

Who can forget the hype this movie generated? A beloved fairy tale put to life with well-known songs and a combination of amazing actors and actresses to play our favorite characters, and you have got yourself a blockbuster movie!

Do not be surprised to see Belle, the Beast and the ever jaunty Gaston on your Halloween parties and Trick or Treats.

If you’re planning to go as one of them, then you have to outshine the competition. Make sure you got everything covered, from your garments to your gaze.



Emma Watson played a convincing part as Belle in the movie. Belle is known to be a strong-willed, intelligent and beautiful lady. Girls of any age, from every corner of the world, would want to be like her.

To achieve her look, don a beautiful, yellow frock, or the simple yet distinctive blue and white villager's outfit. Put to action that "no-makeup-makeup look" and let your hazel eyes do the talking.

Whether you are out to stun everyone with your wit and beauty, or you're on a mission to capture the heart of your beloved Beast, these Hazel-hued Halloween contact lenses will brighten up your whole look, leaving you looking fresh.

For hazel eyes that will look great in any light, the Royal Vision Creamy Hazel has got you, fam. The dispersed streaks of light and darker hues of hazel blend well with your natural eye color so you won't have to worry about looking artificial.

Mirror the enchanted rose with a touch of pink on your eyes with the Royal Vision Pink Color Hazel colored contacts. These Halloween contact lenses are made with the lightweight and breathable 2-Hema hydrogel. That means optimum comfort for all-night partying!



The eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say. No other words ring true for the Beast.

When true love broke the spell and the beast turned into a handsome prince, Belle hesitated for a moment until she looked into the Beast's blue eyes.

He may have the harshest appearance and the most intimidating presence (don't forget that ferocious temper) but the expressive gentleness on his eyes are enough to show Belle the prince that he is within. No Beast impersonation will be complete without his blue eyes, for sure.

You can go all out huge with the hair and the extravagant garments, put on some fangs for added effect, and wear these Halloween contact lenses.

As you now already know, the EyeCandy's Glossy 3-Tone Blue are our best bet for natural-looking peepers. These NEO Extra Dali Blue Halloween contact lenses, on the other hand, are perfect if you want a natural yet vibrant, more defined blue. These Halloween contacts will most definitely shine through against the jungle of hair you're going to be wearing!



My what a guy, that Gaston!

If you want to play the part of the bad guy... but you still want the women to swoon over you... but you also want the other men to be like you, who better to dress up as than Gaston?

I know! That threefold awesomeness can be hard to achieve--c'mon, it's impossible to be as perfect as Gaston!

I understand that dilemma, and we're here to make things easier for you. Puff out that chest, eat five dozen eggs, and let a single wink from your blue eyes leave the ladies in utter stupor.  

The GEO Tri Color Blue Halloween contact lenses are great no matter what eye color you have. Thanks to the 3 flattering tones of these super comfy lenses, you'll have no trouble slipping in and out of your costume for the night.

If you want another option for blue Halloween contacts, the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors Majestic Blue are here to widen your horizon. You'll find yourself reaching for these comfy lenses again and again even after your Halloween gig! Thanks to their daily replacement cycle and high water content, your eyes will feel fresh and hydrated, you won't even feel them on.


Justice League

While this movie is yet to be released by November of this month, it has been given a headstart by two superhero movies: Batman vs Superman (2016) and Wonder Woman earlier this year.

It is predicted to be another blockbuster movie that will showcase our favorite superheroes portrayed by established movie stars. With an exciting plot surrounding our most-loved superheroes, we will not be surprised if they show up in Halloween parties in anticipation for the coming movie.

By now, you know the drill. Buckle up for some of the main characters who are about to grace your movie screens

Wonder Woman

From an Amazonian island paradise rose this princess, a worthy warrior alongside men. Greatly fierce and beautiful, she embodies the inborn power every woman must know they have.

Wear your hair back and represent the Amazonian royal line with the golden war suit, or opt to wear the iconic Wonder Woman suit of red, gold and blue and wear your glorious waves down. A Wonder Woman costume is never complete without her martial weapons, her indestructible armor, royal tiara, and the lasso of truth.

Wonder Woman's eyes were originally a blue color, but the most recent Wonder Woman film showed her as having captivating dark brown eyes. No matter what eye color, it's nothing our Halloween contact lenses can't fix!

Fellow dark-eyed beauties can make their eyes stand out with the NEO Dali 2 Brown Lenses. These are not meant to change your eye color altogether, rather, it adds shine to your eyes, intensifies your natural coloring and adds definition making it your go to pair of contacts for a "my-eyes-but-better look."

For versatile brown Halloween contacts that even light-eyed people can use, the NEO Natural Touch Brown will be your brown colored contacts staple. Like the Neo Dali 2 Brown, it will add natural definition to your eyes, keeping them looking vibrant and awake even when you've been out saving the day!



Prepping the fans for the character-named movie premiering in 2018, Jason Momoa makes his first appearance as Aquaman in the much anticipated superhero of the year, Justice League.

Known to rule and control the vast oceans and everything in it, this Atlantean warrior surely is one to watch out for. Undoubtedly in very good shape, this trident-wielding demi-god carries himself with an easy confidence that will easily gain a significant amount of fans on his debut.

To dress up as Aquaman, you would have to dress down. Show off some muscle with only a pair of leather jeans and a pair of boots. An Aquaman impersonation will not be complete without his massive beach waves and a set of piercing grey eyes.

Looking for the perfect Halloween contacts can be a time-consuming ask. Being Aquaman, you don't have time for such trifles, you know. Let me gladly narrow down your choices to two.

EyeCandy's own brand of Halloween contact lenses is quickly becoming a favorite of everyone looking for natural-looking colored contacts.

For eyes that can make anyone weak to their knees, the EyeCandy's Glossy Ivory Halloween contact lenses are a splendid pair to go along with your costume. Despite this unique color, you will be surprised with how natural these Halloween contacts look. The coloration and design of these Halloween contact lenses are carefully curated to suit a variety of skin tones and eye colors.

Occasionally, Aquaman's eye color changes from a lighter shade of grey to a darker one depending on the angle or lighting. If you prefer the darker look, EyeCandy's Glossy 3- Tone Grey is a worthy alternative. This shade of grey has a slight hint of blue, perfect for a sea-dwelling hero like Aquaman.


Despicable Me 3

The third installment of the Despicable Me movie series gives us another glimpse into the lives of Gru, his minions and the ever growing family of protagonists and villains. And we're not complaining!

The fascinating storyline, the adorable army of minions, and that bomb soundtrack--young and old, wherever you are in the world, the Despicable Me series leaves us waiting for more.

Dress your whole family as Gru, Lucy and the lovely girls, or dress the whole gang as a battalion of minions for pure #squadgoals--the possibilites are endless!


Gru & Dru

Am I the last person to know that Gru's full name is Felonious Gru??

As sure as I am shocked by this, nothing beats the surprise Gru must have felt when he learned he has a twin brother!

Dru must be the complete oppostie of Gru. He's filthy rich and wanted so badly to follow in their father's footsteps as a super villain. As we all know, Gru has since turned his back on villainy and is now an agent working against villains. But since they failed their last assignment, Lucy and Gru got fired and are now completely penniless.

In terms of appearance, Dru wore white, while Gru whore shades of black and grey. And get this, Dru has a gorgeous crown of blond hair while Gru.. well.. he's completely bald.

Despite these differences, they had similarities as well. The same long nose, broad torso and blue eyes.

For Halloween contact lenses that look great over dark eyes, the following sets of blue Halloween contacts will do just that and more.

The 14.5mm lens diameter of EOS Briller Blue will leave your eyes looking bright and vibrant. While it's larger in diameter, it would not make you look and feel unnatural. Why? Its ocean-blue coloring and 3-tone feature effortlessly blends in with your natural eye color and they're made with Silicone Hydrogel, the most recent breakthrough in contact lens manufacturing, that offers greater comfort and ease of wear.

The highly-opaque EOS Blytheye Blue Halloween contact lenses have a 14.0mm lens diameter; great for newbie wearers who want a bright pop of color without the full commitment needed for dolly-eyed looks. Like the EOS Briller Blue, these are made with your comfort in mind. Thanks to its 38% water content, these blue Halloween contacts will breeze you through any secret mission!


Balthazar Bratt

No Despicable Me movie is ever complete without a super villain, and oh, what a super villain it is!

Balthazar Bratt is a former superstar who plots to destroy the place that crushed his dreams--Hollywood.

Get into character with his 80s-inspired hair-do and fashion, not to mention his groovy dance moves. This will undoubtedly gather a mixture of "oohhs and aahhs" as you strut your way to that candy bar!

To achieve his look, put on a purple jumpsuit with those signature killer shoulder pads; add gloves and white shoes for pure pizzazz. You may need a huge can of hairspray all to yourself and make sure your bubble gum does not ruin your stache. For an arrogant smize that screams "SUPERSTAR," you'll need a pair of natural-looking brown Halloween contact lenses that'll get you through all the destructive dancing all night long!

The GEO Tri Color Brown Halloween contact lenses are among our site's best sellers. The 3-toned coloring of these Halloween contacts provides a natural lift to your eyes, no matter what color they're in. They continue to be a favorite not only because of that gorgeous, gorgeous coloring, but they are a slayin' combination of beauty and function. You'll never get enough of these Halloween contacts once you've tried them!

Our NEO Monthly Silicos Glitter Brown Halloween contacts are for natural-born superstars! Not one to back down from any competition, it offers a brightly flattering shade of brown that will surely let your eyes sparkle like glitter. Not only that, it's made with Silicone Hydrogel, a highly breathable material which provides unimaginable comfort. Your eyes will thank you. :)

This Halloween, be the star Balthazar Bratt so desperately wants to be with the help of our Halloween contact lenses!


Lucy Wilde

Who doesn't adore Lucy?

She's a mixture of lady-like spunk and character. She's never embarassed to be herself in front of anyone, not even in fron tof Gru on their first "unofficial" date! Lucy is a consistent, strong-willed character that never shies away from any challenge or danger.

Oh, by the way, did you know her fighting style includes "a combination of jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, Aztec warfare, and krumpin'?"

Before you flash that lipstick taser, you gotta cover all the basics.

Lucy keeps a dainty wardrobe of beautiful dresses and her signature turqouise coat. She wears a gorgeous head of orange hair tied up in a bun with bangs graciously framing her beautifully freckled face. And her eyes? They're a beautiful shade of green.

As candid and natural as Lucy is, we wanna stray away from artificial-looking colored contacts. Here's a couple of green Halloween contact lenses that will perfectly match your costume:

The established Freshlook brand is known for natural-looking lenses that are great for any eye color. Freshlook Colorblends Gemstone Green Halloween contact lenses will give you a more vibrant green hue without going overboard. It's super comfy material coupled with a high 55% water content are a perfect match for those looking for functionality that complements their natural beauty.

EyeCandy's Glossy Green belongs to a series of our most natural colored contacts. It features pure color without the extra definition provided by a limbal ring. This Halloween contact lenses are of a muted green color that looks great against any natural eye color and skin tone.



Probably all of us grew up with fairytales, stories of princes and princesses, of grand balls and glass slippers. While our beloved characters enjoy a lifetime of happily-ever-afters, have you ever wondered what happened to the evil villains?

Descendants is a Disney channel original movie that shows a glimpse of the life in the Isle of the Lost, a slum occupied by the great villains and their children. They lived in exile away from the magical United States of Auradon, where all our favorite Disney protagonists live.

Hate and a desire for revenge grows each day in this isle, when one day, the perfect opportunity came. Mal and the rest of the descendants are invited to enter Auradon. They set their evil plan to work, not ever expecting the twist of fate awaiting them.



Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, is considered to be the leader of the group. She's ruthless, cunning, and "rotten to the core," or so she thinks.

Deep within her, there's goodness waiting to be unraveled. She initially follows through their plans until she finally discovers she does not have to follow in her mother's footsteps to be herself.

Apart from her strong personality, she's strikingly beautiful. She has purple hair that she rocks so effortlessly, and green eyes, a feature she got from her mother.


Green is one of the highly-coveted eye colors. Looking for nice, natural-looking Halloween contacts can be a challenge, but you won't have to look further than these two Halloween contacts!

Freshlook Colorblends Gemstone Green has a very thin limbal ring that gives enough contrast to the 3-in-1 pigmentation of these Halloween contacts. The result? Beautifully defined, natural-looking green eyes that will pair beautifully with any look.

For a more natural look, we recommend trying out EyeCandy's Glossy Green Halloween contact lenses. These Halloween contacts feature zero limbal ring and a subdued green coloring. Combine that with 38% water content for an irritation-free wear, and you've got yourself a winning pair!

Pop these green Halloween contact lenses, naturally define your crease with eyeshadow that's two shades darker than your natural skin tone, and layer on your favorite waterproof mascara, and you have an eye look that can lure you your own Prince Charming.



Mirror, mirror on the wall.. do these words ring a bell?

Perhaps the kindest of the descendants, Evie is one of the main antagonists-turned-protagonists of this film. Daughter to the evil queen, she was always particular with her appearance--well, she got that trait from her mother.

Undoubtedly very beautiful, she was also surprisingly intelligent. She was initially very self-conscious about her looks, so she made sure she always looked on point. She's always so stylish; not that she needed to be. Her gorgeous crown of dark blue hair, and her telling brown eyes are enough to mesmerize anyone!

While Evie has later on realized that physical beauty isn't everything, trying on a pair of brown Halloween contact lenses to enhance your looks will definitely not hurt you!

GEO Eyescream Vanilla Brown Halloween contacts are among our prized brown colored contacts that give an instant glow to your eyes. An excellent pick-me-up, a pair of these is enough to glam up any look without piling on tons of makeup.

If you're after the glossy and fresh look of healthy eyes, look no further than the Acuvue Define Radiant Bright Brown Halloween contacts! These contacts have a daily replacement cycle so you're guaranteed a fresh pair everyday, lessening risks of irritation and dryness.

Work up your charm and let our brown Halloween contacts do the rest. Let them know you're the fairest one of all!


50 Shades Darker

Based off of a best-selling erotic romance novels, 50 Shades Darker is the second installment of of the 50 Shades Trilogy. Controversial as it is, it has proven to entice a huge audience worldwide, providing an enthralling plot and an equally captivating set of characters who put some of our fantasies and curiosities on tasteful display.

50 Shades of Grey has introduced us to the lives of a man and a woman who led entirely different lives, when an unexpected turn of events joined them together, resulting in an extremely passionate connection.

While 50 Shades of Grey gave us an intense foretaste into this couple's private life, it has paved the way for a more fiery plot in 50 Shades of Darker, ending up in a much-awaited engagement.


Anastasia Steele

While there has been a lot of debate going on about the movie and their main characters' personalities, it does not stop us from wondering what it's like being as rich and powerful as Christian or as mysterious and alluring as Ana.

Halloween parties are the best times to get creative with your man. While others may go as the classic milk and cookie pair (or salt and pepper?), why don't you level it up?

Your partner may have everything he needs for a Christian Grey impersonation right in his closet, but for you, well darling, ths is where the fun begins!

Dress yourself up with a long, silken silver gown and a faux fur grey cape to keep you elegantly warm. Swipe a silvery or coppery eyeshadow all across your lid, layer on mascara and top it off with your favorite red lipstick!

And of course, don't ever forget the masquerade mask to crown your beautiful blue eyes.

Oops, no blue eyes? No problem!

These blue Halloween contact lenses are guaranteed to make you queen of the night!

EyeCandy's Glossy 3-Tone Blue Halloween contacts blend in with any eye color and looks good no matter what skin tone you're in. For Halloween contact lenses that feel as natural as they look, this is definitely a must-have!

If you're looking for an alternative that is available in prescription, the Lilmoon 1-Day Water Water Blue-Grey contacts are here to solve your dilemma. Like the EyeCandy's Glossy 3-Tone Blue, these Halloween contacts are also 3-toned and , allowing for a more seamless look and an even seamless wear. Glam up your night with the dazzling, watery effect of the Lilmoon 1-Day Water Water Blue-Grey lenses.

TV Series Characters

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones have been one of the most watched TV series to date. It's an HBO TV series based off the book series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R. R. Martin, and ever since its premiere in the year 2011, it has left viewers on the edges of their seats, waiting for what is to come next.

Along with its exceeding interesting plot comes a horde of equally interesting characters that have inspired an emotional mixture of awe and admiration, of hatred and disgust. Dress yourself or your whole gang as these Game of Thrones characters and you are sure winners in everyone's eyes!

To lessen your prep time, we have listed 3 popular characters from this series that will absolutely win you that "Best in Halloween Costume" prize!


Daenerys Targaryen

Let all the kingdom recognize the rightful ruler of Westeros.

Game of Thrones fans have seen this woman rise up from any situation, transitioning from a timid young woman to a major game player across the Seven Kingdoms. Merciless towards her enemies, yet particularly compassionate to those who are oppressed, Daenerys Targaryen has captured the admiration and respect of all.

Aside from being this powerful woman portrayed in the series, she possesses one of the most beautiful faces we have ever laid our eyes on in the Game of Thrones series.

Few but the blood of the dragon have purple eyes, so to look like you've descended from the high lords of the ancient Valyrian Freehold, these two Halloween contact lenses are here to the rescue!

Both of these Halloween contact lenses come without prescription. The opaque color of the EOS Bltheye Violet Halloween contacts makes it suitable for people with dark brown eyes. These are perfect for costume or party styles that require a purple eye look!

The GEO Bella Violet colored contacts on the other hand will give you that pop of color that will look natural even for daily use. With its realistically-sized diameter, you will look like you're born with them. This rare and coveted purple eye color of the Targaryens is now within your reach!


Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister must be the most hated woman in the Game of Thrones series. She's a dangerous opponent, and maybe a more dangerous ally as she only serves her own interests and ambitions. Though her plans backfire due to her lack of foresight and wisdom, she remains powerful as she holds the seat of power as "Protector of the Seven Kingdoms."

While we absolutely loath this woman, we can never deny the extent of her physical beauty. Her golden hair alongside her emerald eyes might just be her secret ingredients to get people to work on her whims.

Get things done your way this Halloween season with our green Halloween contact lenses.

The NEO Extra Dali Green Halloween contacts are for those looking to enlarge their eyes sufficiently, not too much that it looks artificial, but just right to awaken your whole look.

If you prefer a more realistic green that's perfect for daily use, the GEO Tri Color Green colored contacts are the ideal choice for you. They blend seamlessly to any eye color and are very comfortable for everyday use, even as you busily govern your own little kingdom.


Night King

If you are in for a *little* challenge this Halloween, we highly suggest dressing up as the Night King from the TV series, Game of Thrones.

The Night King is the first of the mysterious and feared race from the north of Westeros called the White Walkers.  

While they all exhibit great strength and supernatural powers, no one has it like their leader, the Night King. With a raise of his arms or a touch of his hand come a devastating army of pure evil. This growing army of zombie-like characters have pale skin and eyes as blue as the clear sky.

Putting on this look is no joke (you might want the help of a prosthetic makeup artist) but it will certainly be worth it. The bright blue eyes are simply covered by yours truly, so put on your armor, get into character, and let a single cold stare from your eyes freeze your enemies on their tracks.

The following blue Halloween contact lenses are chosen to help suit your personal preferences. For those who prefer realistically-sized Halloween contacts, the NEO Sunflower Blue colored contacts will perfectly fit the bill. These are bright blues that are suitable for any eye color, ranging from the lightest to the darkest eyes.

If you're looking for more flair and drama, the EOS Fay Blue Halloween contact lenses are the ones for you. With a larger 14.5mm lens diameter, and a very vibrant blue color, this will go best with your Night King (or any White Walker) costume for the night!


Cartoon Character

Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a timeless beauty that first made her debut in the 1930s. She was created by cartoonist, Max Fleischer, and you won't believe the controversy that circled around this character.

Betty Boop was widely known to be attributed to a 1930s star named Helen Kane. Apparently, Helen Kane turned out to be a copycat of a 1920s Jazz singer, Baby Esther, to whom we rightfully credit Betty Boop's boop-boop-a-doop singing style.

While this case has reached the courts in an ugly legal battle, we would like to focus on the iconic cartoon who was a gorgeous picture of beauty and entrtainment amidst the 1930s depression era.

Putting together Betty Boop's look can be a lot of fun! Style your hair with weaves and pin curls, accessorize with golden ear hoops and bangles, and wear a sexy red dress along with a sexy pair of red pumps.

if you think it stops there, think again! Betty Boop sported the 1930s makeup trend and you'll see it consists of red lips and fluttery lashes. Get on your vanity and experiment with this look, and don't forget to complete your Betty Boop costume with the perfect set of green Halloween contact lenses.

EyeCandy's Glossy Green Halloween contacts delivers a high opaque finish that blends and gives sufficient coverage to help you have glossy green eyes that look natural--like you were born with them!

If you are after green eyes that look natural yet has a bit more definition, the NEO Extra Dali Green Halloween contact lenses contour you eyes, leaving them looking lush and will positively outshine the other Betty Boop wanna-be's!

Dressing up has always been the most exciting part of Halloween. Gone are the days of limiting your Halloween wardrobe to spooky, ghoulish outfits. Aside from the outpouring of creative and fun ideas, it's an excuse to let loose and live in someone else's shoes for a day.

DIY or have your Halloween costume custom-made, and never forget to pair your look with the most perfect Halloween contact lenses for a show they'll never forget!

What costume will YOU go with this year? Let us know below!

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