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What's the Difference between CC Cream and BB Cream?

CC cream is not necessarily a better version of BB cream; they are more like cousins. They are separate products each offering similar but different functions. CC Cream offers more natural looking finish with less coverage than BB. The formula is initially white but adjusts to your skintone upon contact with warm skin. It is designed to blur out pores, wrinkles and uneven skin surface. Many people have lamented the greyish cast that most BB creams give, and this is where CC cream offers a solution. CC cream give the complexion a dewy radiance that is very natural-looking because of the translucent formula. For this reason, it is ideal for those who desire light coverage and a "no-makeup" look.

On the other hand, BB cream is more of a foundation/concealer makeup product. It covers imperfections like discoloration and redness better than CC cream. Most BB creams have a skintone-adjusting ability too. The texture is thicker and richer, ideal for those who require greater coverage and a "my skin but better" look. Just like foundation, applying too much BB cream may produce a "cakey" effect. However, the good thing is that coverage is entirely buildable, unlike CC cream which remains mosty translucent no matter how many layers are applied.

Both BB and CC creams are multi-functional products that have skincare ingredients like moisturising, whitening, oil control and UV protection functions.

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