Clalen Iris Suzy Gray

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Clalen Iris Suzy Gray Circle Lenses

Clalen is Korea's #1 brand of daily circle lenses, worn by K-pop celebrity Suzy Bae from Miss A! Now here’s why the starlet loves these contacts so much. These ultra-natural cosmetic lenses combines an elegant design with the supreme, all-day comfort of 55% water content methafilicon. Your eyes will glow with a fresh, healthy radiance, thanks to UV-A and UV-B protection.

These grey contacts are embedded with an ultra-flattering pattern as well, one that, at a modest graphic diameter of 13.3 mm, are absolutely wearable for work, school or any professional setting.

  • Suzy Gray is the newest color from Clalen, designed by Suzy Bae herself. The design of these grey contacts pairs a gently gradated smokey dark grey with a light limbal ring – giving dark eyes a bright, watery glow. Clalen Suzy Gray is definitely your go-to if you want charming, cute eyes like Suzy!
  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -10.00)
  • Sold as a box containing 30 lenses of the same power. Please order 2 boxes if you have a different power for each eye.
  • Clalen 1-day circle lenses are crafted from methafilcon with a super-high moisture content of 55%! That’s 45% more moisture than most other colored contacts–and yes, that means these lenses contain more water than any other ingredient! These are the most comfortable, breathable circle lenses available on the market. In fact, they feel similar to silicone hydrogel clear dailies from premium brands.
  • Formulated with a coating that blocks 99.3% of harmful UV-B and 75.9% of UV-A rays, Clalen grey contacts ensure that your eyes are kept in their healthiest condition.

It’s time to get your #baestatus on, because these are everything you’ve wanted in a circle lens, and more!

Power Range 0.00 ~ -10.00
Lens Diameter 14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter 13.4 mm
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 55%
Replacement Cycle Daily
Size Slightly larger
Style Realistic
Number of Tones 2
Pattern Circle Lens
prominent limbal ring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love these

I have grey eyes naturally. These add some oomf to my eyes. Adds dimension and definition and makes them a little larger. Extremely natural looking on my eyes. Very very natural.

Beautiful but a little bit dry

Beautiful but a little bit dry since I have astigmatism....

Subtle Beauty

The look is subtle and has a deep blue. For the most part, they're pretty comfortable.



Brilliant contacts!! Suzy gray

I got these as I wanted contacts to enhance my blue eyes that didn't look fake. Due to these being really just an outline contact with a large clear central part they look very natural especially at night when I find most contacts look alien like an unnatural due to small pupil area..I will definitely be ordering again. Quick & reliable service.

Really natural, maybe more natural than you d expect

Super natural pretty lens

Calen Iris Suzy Gray

One lens was not comfortable so I had to take out a new one. After wearing these lens, they are comfortable. Just not good for long wear. But I love how natural they are.

They are so comfortable!

Really pretty color on my dark brown eyes. And they are soooo comfortable!

Naturali 1-Day Charming Gray (10 Pcs) - Very Pleased

I placed my order on Dec 4 2015. I received an email notification asking what I thought about my order on Jan 7th 2016 but did not receive it until the 11th. Which is fine. I know how long overseas shipping can take. It was worth the wait.

The packaging it arrived in was a lovely bright dark pink color. I liked the candies card with the expatriation date for lenses on the back. I thought it was a nice touch; as well as the instruction booklet on how to properly take care of lenses. Which was in English. I was disappointed I did not receive a Japanese thank you note or tissues. I look forward to those.

The actual lenses are beautiful and easy to insert. They come in a packaged solution in a pretty pink box. The instructions were Japanese so I appreciated the English ones they included.

In short, they make my hazel eyes look amazing. I will definitely be ordering again.

Naturali grey

Love these lens,they're so comfortable and looks more opaque than the pictures. Buying more for sure!!

Package Contents 30 lenses/box
Material Methafilcon
Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's


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