NEO Clover 4 Tone Grey

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NEO Vision Clover 4 Tone Grey Prescription Colored Contacts

What girl doesn’t want to feel both lucky and beautiful? With NEO Lucky Clover coloured contacts, this can become a reality. NEO Vision was the first to produce these prescription colored contacts in 4 tones more than 8 years ago, and they’ve been a steady seller ever since.

With a magical design inspired by the shape of a clover, these circle lenses have lobes of alternating complementary colours. Just like how 4-leaf clovers are prettiest, NEO knows that 4-tone lenses will flatter your eyes the most. That’s why these grey contacts for brown eyes were designed in this fashion:

  • While Lucky Clover Grey doesn’t have 50 shades of grey (it has 2), we assure you that (unlike Christian and Anastasia) they work amazingly well together! One is a smoky grey, and the other is a watery blue-grey. When used in combination, they mimic the natural highlights and shadows of genuine grey irises, giving an incredibly realistic result!
  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -8.00)
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • These grey contacts for brown eyes are printed with a graphic that’s 13.5 mm in diameter. The typical human iris is 12.8 mm wide, so these lenses will give your eyes a noticeable yet unexaggerated enlargement.
  • NEO Vision is renowned for high-quality materials, such as polymacon hydrogel polymer used in these circle lenses. The above-average water content of 45% is sure to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and irritation free all day.

With such beautiful eyes, everyone will think that you’re the luckiest girl in the world. Of course, the secret is yours to keep. Why not take a pair of these Lucky Clover grey contacts for brown eyes home today?

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Power Range 0.00 ~ -8.00
Lens Diameter 14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter 13.5 mm
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 45%
Replacement Cycle Yearly
Size Slightly larger
Style Natural
Number of Tones 4
Pattern Circle Lens
prominent limbal ring
Recommendation Good for dark eyes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The colors are stunning

I have dark brown eyes and with these contacts on, they changed my brown eyes to gray with mixed tones in there that completed transform my overall look! I'm obsessed with these contacts style and am planning on getting these 4-tone contact collection in the near future! Highly recommended!

Grey Eyes

I am Asian and have natural dark brown eyes - my picture shows the grey contact in.

Excellent product

Good and fast service .Great customer service


Took about two weeks to get here, but they were nicely packaged and they made it through my university's package check. highly recommend!

Awesome lenses!

These lenses are great. I've only been wearing them for about 3 days now but they're great. I really enjoy the colors in them and they are very comfortable to wear for multiple hours a day. I'm black and I also have medium dark skin and they look really nice on me and super natural. For some reason the lenses look like they pinkish gray tones in the picture of the lenses but when I put them on the pink tones aren't as pronounced though which I am a little disappointed about. If you are looking for a lense with a pink tone then this may not be your pick but you can definitely see the blue and the gray tints with the hints of yellow at the center really well though and it's super nice. The limbal ring isn't too much where it makes your eyes look like marbles either.

Package Contents 1 pair (2 lenses)
Material Polymacon/2-HEMA
Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's
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