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EOS Colored Contact Lenses

The latest style in the market, EOS circle lenses have a unique design of multicolour pigments. Freshen up your look easily with the help of these contacts. EOS colored contact lenses were a game-changer when they launched back in 2008. Never before had the circle lens community seen designs so decadently bright and vivid. To this day, this brand continues to feed #lensaddicts with hyper-pigmented sparkly contacts in a large assortment of hues, sizes and blendability levels.

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EOS lenses are crafted using a proprietary dying method and sandwich technique, placing the pigment between two layers of clear polymacon material. This ensures that the pigment never touches your eyes. Additionally, this brand is known for supreme comfort with zero irritation, all day long.

Get a pair of EOS circle lenses, and treat yo'self with to a pair of bright, bold eyes today!