Hedy Geometric Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Hedy blue light blocking glasses are sweet and feminine with a slightly geometric shape that adds a sexy intrigue. A thin frame allows optimal lens space for crystal-clear vision, while the little details ensure your glasses become one of favorite everyday accessories! They are perfect for all-day wear! Hedy is available in a variety of colors and finishes, so there’s truly a pair for every taste! But far beyond the style benefits of the Hedy frame are the many health benefits. In today’s working world, we spend more and more time in front of our screens (often with less than optimal lighting conditions). Harmful blue light from our favorite (and at times, least favorite) devices takes a toll on our eye health. Blue light blocking glasses can help protect us from Digital Eye Strain and its effects such as chronic headache, sleep disturbances, and even long-term changes in visual clarity.

  • Flatters oval, heart face shapes
  • Features soft hypoallergenic silicone nose pads for a comfortable fit
  • Rust-resistant metal maintains shape while being lightweight and flexible
  • Frame is eligible for both prescription computer glasses and non prescription glasses

Why Blue Light Filter or Sleep Glasses?

Blue light filter glasses

The Complete Package

Your glasses will be delivered in a secure package containing:

  • Your glasses
  • A beautiful sturdy holographic case that folds flat when empty!
  • A blue light mini flashlight and testing card (if you order Blue Light Filter or Sleep lenses)
  • A soft microfibre cleaning cloth
Prescription computer glasses

Comfortable Frames

Our frames are made from durable, impact-resistant materials like TR90 that retain their shape and integrity in a variety of climates.

Lens Coatings for Blue Light Filter Eyewear

Quality Lenses

Our Blue Light Filter and Sleep lenses are designed for people who are exposed to blue and LED light from phones, monitors, tablets and other digital screens for extended periods of time.

These lenses are also coated with scratch-resistant, anti-static, superhydrophobic and anti-glare coatings, making them durable and easy to clean.

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