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Authenticity & Safety of Circle Lenses

Placing your health and safety as our top priority. EyeCandys is committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. We take pride in sourcing all our products from reputable manufacturers in South Korea, Japan and USA that have international health certifications from recognized authorities like the US FDA, ISO and CE. Our products carry either the manufacturer's own export label or an OEM label.

EyeCandys products are 100% guaranteed authentic, or your money back

We're located in Hong Kong and Korea, two global logistics hubs which gives us distribution access to a variety of products from Asia. Despite our proximity, we do not source nor sell any contact lenses from mainland China, which is infamous for counterfeits. First reason: our customers' health and safety is our first priority. Second reason: as a business, we're in it for the long term (we've been around since 2008 - yes we're that old) – if we were found to sell fake products, we'd be dead already (or in mere days).

Our lens brands are all compliant with health and safety regulations. All of the manufacturers have received various international health certifications. We welcome you to check by visiting their respective websites. For your reference, this information is below:

GEO Medical

US FDA, ISO, CE, Health Canada, Russian GOST-R, KGMP, KFDA, Taiwan FDA, Hong Kong MDACS, Vietnam VFA


US FDA, ISO, CE, Health Canada, Russian GOST-R, KGMP, KFDA, China CFDA, Japan MHLW

NEO Vision

US FDA, ISO, CE, Russian GOST-R, KGMP, KFDA, China CFDA, Hong Kong MDACS






ISO, CE, KFDA, KGMP, Saudi Arabia MDMA, Brazil ANVISA, Russian GOST-R

Royal Vision


PIA (Lilmoon, Lucia)

Japan MHLW



Each shipment of contact lenses undergoes a random quality check. Defects or product damages are checked three times before they're packaged to be sent out: firstly, upon shipment inspection, secondly, when we gather the items to package your orders, a final time before sealing your parcels.


GEO Medical: Real vs Fake

As part of GEO Medical's "anti-fake campaign," authorized vendors are required to apply authenticity stickers to GEO products they distribute. EyeCandy's applies these stickers on the bottom of the contact lens vials.

The seal can be scratched to reveal a 20-digit code to be authenticated on GEO's Anti-Fake System: This is the only website for authenticating GEO serial numbers.

Please note that each serial code can only be verified once to maintain the integrity of the system.

GEO Medical anti-fake authenticity seal
GEO Medical Anti-Fake System
How to Check if a GEO lens is Authentic (Instagram story)
Scratch the authenticity sticker on the bottom of the vial
You will reveal a 1-time use serial code
Go to, the manufacturer's authenticity checking site
Enter in the serial number on the sticker
You will receive a verification success message if the product is authentic!

There are some fake products floating out there that bear similar stickers telling you to verify the code on other websites. These fake products can be injurious to your eyes. They probably have been produced from low quality, cheap materials and are not compliant with any safety standards. EyeCandy's only provides the genuine GEO seals.

For example, here is a picture of a counterfeit GEO product which tells you to verify the code on

fake GEO contact lenses from China

Keep your eyes open for possibly harmful products posing as real GEO lenses.  

Fake vs real GEO contact lenses

NEO Vision: Real vs Fake

Authentic NEO Vision contacts are available in 2 types of packaging: vial and blister (boxed). All the yearly lenses come in vial packaging only. Below are some key points for identifying authentic NEO products.


Packaging (Post 2013)

All NEO Vision vials have the export label pictured below. They also have the opaque rubber caps, as opposed to the translucent silicone caps that were used prior to 2013.

Authentic NEO Vision circle lenses packaging (post 2013) for international export products


All genuine NEO circle lens have either 14.0 mm or 14.2 mm diameter. There are no NEO lenses with 14.8 mm diameter. This is printed as "DIA:14.0" or "DIA:14.2" on the vial label.

Prescription on Vial Cap

Genuine NEO Vision lens caps have a "-" (minus) sign in front of the diopter value.

Defective Item Policy?

No manufacturing process is ever perfect, and this applies to colored contacts too. If you feel that a lens isn't working the way it should, we will gladly replace the item free of charge or offer store credit. How do you define "defective"? Please kindly email our customer care to help troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

Subjective things like comfort differ according to each individual. Wearing contact lenses takes some getting used to it, especially if you have never worn them before. We kindly urge you to be patient. Our customer care is available to answer any and all questions that you may have.

Any claims of lenses being physically damaged (e.g. ripped, texture/coloration irregularities) must provide photographic evidence of the lenses still in original unopened packaging. This means you must take the pictures of the lenses through the bottoms of the clear glass vials. Claims of the lenses arriving "ripped" supplemented with photos of the lenses out of unopened packaging will not be considered. Claims must be initiated within 2 weeks of the item's receipt by the customer.