This is something that we get asked all the time.  While there isn't any one-size-fits-all formula, we can certainly recommend something based on our styling expertise and knowledge of beauty trends that are popular with our customers.

Interested?  Read on!

Circle lenses and colored contact lenses are garnering more and more interest as a beauty tool.  In fact, here in Asia, they are so widespread that girls consider them as makeup staples like eyeshadow or false eyelashes!  That being said, cosmetic contacts can be used in similar ways to add a pop of color to your eye makeup look.  We recommend matching colored lenses with one (but not all) of the following:

  • Your natural eye color
  • Your skin tone
  • Your eyeshadow of the day
  • Your clothes or outfit of the day

Your Natural Eye Color

Different lenses will have different effects between dark and light colored irises.  Therefore, it's important to consider the opacity ("pigmentation") level of the design depending on the effect you're after.

If you're going for a soft, sutble look, consider a lens which consists of a thin or graded limbal ring with translucent color that will let your natural eye color shine through.  Choose more solid, bold designs (such as three or for tone designs) if you'd like to cover your natural eye color completely.

GEO Mari Gold Brown colored contacts


Brown eyes are lucky - most colors will match because circle lenses are originally designed for Asian brown eyes.

ou can choose natural or more vibrant effects, and the colors will look quite seemless on you.  The color is 97% of the time true to the modelled picture (since our models have brown eyes).

We recommend:


Consider your eyes a blank canvas allowing you to color with creativity!  Most colors will stand out very well on you. The more dramatic designs may appear unnatural, so we'd opt for ones with better blending ability.

We recommend:


You've already got a gorgeous eye color that'd make many girls envious, so why hide it?  Enhance your beautiful eyes with three-tone designs incorporating a yellowish highlighting ring in the centre or specks of light-reflecting qualities.

We recommend:

GEO Mari Gold Series decorative contact lenses

Your Skintone


We recommend warm, caramel-hued designs which will make your complexion look flushed and radiant.  Avoid yellowish and light browns which may make you appear "washed out."

Our picks:


Light three-tone designs, especially in green and grey, will stand out brilliantly against darker skintones, giving you an exotic look.


Since the whites of your eyes appear very defined, it's best to choosea circle lens with a soft limbal ring and superior blending color.

We'd go for:

We hope that this guide has helped you guys some direction in looking for your perfect circle lenses!