Big Shot Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses

eyeglass frame

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C10 Black Gold
C15 Silver
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Big Shot’s large, square frame surely lives up to its name. A thin, lightweight frame with a big personality, Big Shot is bold and demands to be noticed! It’s perfect for your big personality! Choose from a variety of colors for a look that’s all your own and wear these comfortable blue light blocking glasses daily to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light exposure. Blue light from computer, tablet, and cell phone screens that are so prevalent in our day to day lives can cause a variety of health conditions, even outside of simple eye discomfort. Blue light exposure can cause issues such as chronic headache and sleep disturbances, as well as eye strain and long term changes in visual clarity. Don’t have a prescription for glasses, but concerned about the effects of blue light exposure? We offer non-prescription lenses as well to protect your perfect peepers!

  • Flatters round, oval face shapes
  • Features soft hypoallergenic silicone nose pads for a comfortable fit
  • Rust-resistant metal maintains shape while being lightweight and flexible
  • This is for non-prescription glasses.

Why Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

Recognize these symptoms?

Dry irritated eyes

Dry, Irritated Eyes



Blurry vision

Blurry Vision


Poor Sleep

If you're saying "yes" to any of these, you're probably experiencing Digital Eye Strain caused by exposure to blue light from digital screens.

Wear blue-light blocking glasses for healthier eyes, better sleep (through improved melatonin production), and a more productive you.

Blue light filter glasses

The Complete Package

Your glasses will be delivered in a secure package containing:

  • Your glasses
  • A beautiful sturdy holographic case that folds flat when empty!
  • A blue light mini flashlight and testing card
  • A soft microfibre cleaning cloth
Prescription computer glasses

Comfortable Frames

Our frames are made from durable, impact-resistant materials like TR90 that retain their shape and integrity in a variety of climates.

Lens Coatings for Blue Light Filter Eyewear

Quality Lenses

Our Blue Light Filter lenses are designed for people who are exposed to blue and LED light from phones, monitors, tablets and other digital screens for extended periods of time.

Big Shot Square Prescription Blue Light Filter Glasses (Non-Prescription)

Big Shot Square Prescription Blue Light Filter Glasses (Non-Prescription)

Big Shot Square Prescription Blue Light Filter Glasses (Non-Prescription)

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