iPOOL Auto Vibrating Contact Lens Cleaner

1 Contact Lens Cleaner

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iPOOL® is an electric contact lens cleaner that utilizes advanced silver nano-particle technology with ultrasound vibrations to effectively clean your contact lenses. This "contact lens washing machine" is highly recommended for wearers of yearly colored contacts.

The iPOOL® cleaner includes a cute anti-bacterial lens case and is also compatible with other Miofriends® cases. You can put the case into the iPOOL® device and switch it on to clean, which is accomplished by means of powerful electromotor vibration. Just like in a washing machine, these vibrations literally shake the microscopic dirt, oils and other impurities that make your contact lenses uncomfortable. After cleaning is done, simply remove the case and you're good to go! 

MioTTiCA's contact lens case products are coated with nanosilver particles. Upon contact with moisture, the silver particles releases Ag+ ions which damage the cell membranes of bacteria and inhibit their replication.

Make your colored contacts feel like a fresh new pair everyday with the iPOOL cleaner!

This product uses AAA batteries which are not included.

How to Use:

  1. Rinse your contact lenses with multipurpose solution.
  2. Place the appropriate contact lens into the appropriate basket on the iPOOL lens case (indicated by markings on the bottom).
  3. Tightly close the lids, making sure that the contacts are not caught in the groves.
  4. Place the lens case on the iPOOL vibrating base. Press the button and wait for it to stop vibrating.


  • Do not use hot liquids or any chemicals to clean the iPOOL and case.
  • Keep out of reach of children.



Customer Reviews

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Very good

It’s really good


iPOOL Auto Vibrating Contact Lens Cleaner

Love It!

It's so cute and works!

Fun Gift!

I got this for my dad for Christmas, and he thinks it's hilarious~ It seems to clean his contacts pretty well, too, which is a plus! c; I would definitely recommend this as a gift for anyone who has contacts.

Great for Thorough Lens Cleaning!

If you壽猺e like me- wearing your contacts for long hours during the day, this is practically a must-have. Albeit it does add another step to the entire process which can be quite a turn-off, but it really pays off. My lenses remained hydrated for longer!

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