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  • Dr. Rron Bejtullahu

    Dr. Rron Bejtullahu

    Dr. Rron Bejtullahu is a highly experienced medical doctor specializing in Ophthalmology. He began his medical studies at the University of Tetovo in North Macedonia and furthered his education at...

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  • Nweke Nnadozie David (OD, MNOA)

    Nweke Nnadozie David (OD, MNOA)

    Dr. Nweke Nnadozie David (OD, MNOA) is a distinguished optometrist with over four years of experience in diverse clinical settings. He earned his Doctor of Optometry degree from Imo State University,...

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  • David Jupiter, O.D.

    David Jupiter, O.D.

    Dr. David Jupiter is a licensed optometrist based in Maryland, United States, with a career spanning over three decades in providing top notch eye care. His professional experience includes working...

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  • Amaya Chin

    Amaya Chin

    Amaya Chin has been an integral part of EyeCandys since its founding in 2008, serving as a staff writer and project manager. With a strong background in physiology and biochemistry,...

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  • Olivia Pauline

    Olivia Pauline

    Olivia Pauline has been navigating the world of vision correction for as long as she can remember. With a deep appreciation for both functionality and style, Olivia seamlessly switches between...

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  • Monica Jaco

    Monica Jaco

    As EyeCandys makeup and beauty guru, Monica brings her extensive knowledge and creative flair to provide styling tips and tricks that make your contacts an active part of your style....

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