EyeCandys Glossy Blink Sky Grey 0.00 ~ -6.00  | 6 months

$ 302.26 HKD

EyeCandys Glossy Blink Green 0.00 ~ -6.00  | 6 months

$ 302.26 HKD

GEO Medical Tri-Color Green 0.00 ~ -10.00  | Yearly

$ 189.44 HKD

GEO Medical Tri-Color Brown 0.00 ~ -10.00  | Yearly

$ 189.44 HKD

GEO Medical Tri-Color Grey 0.00 ~ -10.00  | Yearly

$ 189.44 HKD

NEO Vision Glamour Grey 0.00 ~ -8.00  | Yearly

$ 230.00 HKD

EyeCandys Glossy VG Blue 0.00 ~ -6.00  | 6 months

$ 302.26 HKD

GEO Medical Blenz Chic Brown 0.00 ~ -8.00  | 6 months

$ 201.24 HKD

GEO Medical Blenz Chic Grey 0.00 ~ -8.00  | 6 months

$ 201.24 HKD

GEO Medical Blenz Chic Blue 0.00 ~ -8.00  | 6 months

$ 201.24 HKD

Lenstown Glossy Mood Brown 0.00 ~-8.00  | Monthly
Silicone Hydrogel

$ 217.56 HKD

Lenstown Glossy Mood Grey 0.00 ~-8.00  | Monthly
Silicone Hydrogel

$ 217.56 HKD

Lenstown Glossy Mood Blue 0.00 ~-8.00  | Monthly
Silicone Hydrogel

$ 217.56 HKD

EyeCandys Glossy Blink Brown Non-Prescription  | 6 months

$ 302.26 HKD

EyeCandys Glossy Blink Grey Non-Prescription  | 6 months

$ 302.26 HKD

EyeCandys Glossy Green 0.00 ~ -6.00  | 6 months

$ 302.26 HKD

For extra special events where unconventional eyes are just what you need to seal the look, try costume colored contacts for size. Whether you're going for a piercing Halloween look, or a 100% slayin' cosplay game, our costume contacts are designed with eyes lenses not meant for the faint-of-heart.

If you want to keep a realistic/natural look with normal-sized contacts or if you want to achieve dolly eyes, there is a pair of colored contacts for your preference. Choose contacts with eyes lenses designed to cater to your liking. Our contacts are available in 14.2mm (and below), 14.5mm, 14.8mm, and 15.00mm.

The question, "Are colored contacts bad for your eyes?" comes up often. The answer is that colored contacts are not bad for your eyes provided that you wear and maintain them properly. This includes, but is not limited to, having them accurately prescribed and fitted by an eye care professional, wearing them for no longer than 6 hours a day, washing them (with rubbing) using fresh, unexpired solution and making sure that neither the lenses nor solution is expired. Additionally, any advice from your optometrist or optician should be strictly followed, with no exceptions. If you adhere 100% to professional guidelines, there should be no reason why colored contacts are injurious to your health.

Depending on how long you want your coveted eyes lenses to last on your shelf, there's always an option for you. Colored contacts are categorized depending on their replacement cycles (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, tri-monthly, semi-annually, and annually).

Thankfully for those needing vision correction, prescription colored contacts exist. The lenses made for myopia (nearsightedness) cost the same as their non-prescription counterparts. Toric colored contacts that correct astigmatism usually cost 2-3x more. The ones without prescription (aka “plano lenses”) are also known as cosmetic contact lenses.

It’s important to only use colored contacts brands certified by national and international health authorities. EyeCandy’s keeps your health our #1 priority–we only stock brands approved by the FDA (American Drug and Food Administration), Health Canada, KDFA (Korean Drug and Food Administration) and/or CE1023.

Color contacts are the fastest, easiest accessory out there. Give your look an instant pop of color now!


Let customers speak for us

4287 reviews
Been lovin' it!

First of all, considering this is my first purchase of prescription glasses online, I doubted the credibility of this shop. Although, I still tried to order as the optician I went to had problems replacing my lenses. As I searched through different choices, I have found the shape of frames that I have always wanted. The blue light lens' were a bonus point for me which captured my attention. Yet, this website is indeed true. It provided me a very good quality frame and lenses which fit just right.

Second is my RX measurement. Honestly, I have never found any feature as helpful as the RX measurement camera trick. I never knew my RX measurement and I was always shy to ask to my optician what was my RX, therefore I risked and used the camera. I didn't know the accuracy of it although I tried. And yes once again, Moonspecs proved my speculations wrong again!

Third, shipping? Well, I had no problem waiting for weeks for my glasses as I know it does take time considering it's also from another country, therefore, I had no issues with it.

Hands down to all who worked on Moonspecs! I have actually recommended this website to a guy friend of mine who wanted to protect his eyes from any blue light radiation, and he ordered the Luna Round frames with Blue Lenses and he's constantly loving it too!

By the way, I loved the pearl detailing and the fact that there is a tool provided for further adjustments with the glasses in case you are uncomfortable with the fit! I would definitely keep recommending this website to my friends!

New Favorites!

This is my first time trying these lenses and I'm totally in love! They're so pretty and really comfortable! I'll definitely be buying more pairs in the future!

Love this color

I have ordered these several times. The color is awesome and they look natural. They’re a little thin which could be good or bad. Thin makes them easier to wear, but the bad is they tear easily. But I love then and will continue to order them.

A little bigger than I expected

I read the reviews. I saw the specs. But they are huge. They look more like 14.7mm vs 14.2mm as indicated. They were hard to get into my eye. But I’m not a regular contact lenses wearer. II sort of look like an alien at first. But they are pretty. You get used to them. But the change was dramatic on me. Not subtle at all.

Not happy

These comtacts don’t make my eyes bigger, i put them next to a pit of regular contacts and they are the same size, I’m so confused, cause i thought these were lenses that made your eyes bigger, and i guess these are the biggest size?

Hi Patricia, Thank you for raising your concern! These lenses have a slightly larger diameter, but they do not give a dolly effect. If you prefer this dolly effect, we suggest getting a pair that has at least a 14.5 diameter. If you need further assistance, kindly send us a ticket over at hello@eyecandys.com. Have a good day!