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Pretty but not as comfortable

I had been ordering from Eyecandy's several times now, shipping is reasonable, only took a little over a week to get here( I live in the U.S.).
These lenses are really pretty, the enlargement is very natural since unlike a lot of other circle lenses, this doesn't have a black rim around it so it looks more natural instead of dolly. I expected these lenses to be long wearing, but after 4-6 hours or so I have to put in eye drops or else they will feel too dry, I'm probably not going to buy these again but def. recommend them to people who wants a subtle enlargement for brown eyes.

Natural lenses

I like it a lot, very comfortable and look natural.


I love it.


These give my eyes a hint of purple (my eyes are almost blackish-brown), I did wish for super purple eyes but didn't expect it. Unfortunatley my eyes are too dark for these but that hint of purple helped lighten up my eyes and gave them beautiful demension. Would reorder and would recommend! :)


Tracking was a pain. Apparently you can’t use a PO Box. The contacts look as in the picture and worked out well.

Love these

Comfortable and they look so natural ! Definitely ordering others


Love my contacts they are nice and durable and look amazing thank you!!

Lots of compliments! People thought they were green not grey!

I was looking for more of a natural look but this pair is a bit dramatic! It's a beautiful color though! I received a lot of compliments on it but most people thought they were green rather than grey. It started burning after about 6 hours of wearing it. I wore it again several days later and it started burning within an hour! My eyes aren't sensitive either and I've been wearing contacts for 5 years now. Shipping wise it took exactly 14 days to receive which I didn't mind!


Great color, just take some getting used to while wearing! Sometimes they can feel a little foggy.

10/10 would recommend

Arrived pretty quickly, exactly when stated, absolutely in love with them, they're comfortable and don't notice I'm wearing them, they look very realistic, would absolutely recommend these, definitely will order again.


loved the look! Very attractive.


I can not recommend these enough they are perfect and I constantly get compliments


I love these contact they are so comfortable and they look good on me

Amazing and natural

I've been using these for over 2 years now and I usually refill them at 4 months for just cautiousness.

But they are good and they really blend in easily. I've gotten so many compliments on them

pleasantly surprised

arrived faster than I expected! first contact lenses ever purchased and I am so happy with the comfort and result. super wearable and pretty, lots of compliments.


Super comfy, got them to my prescription and were perfect, was worried they would look odd ontop of my naturally green eyes (been a problem in the past) but they look great, can keep them in for atleast 8 hours before I start noticing them feeling 'dry' also got a handy little lense case to keep them stored in! Highly recommend!


These are my favorite contacts. I've been repurchasing them for years. Very comfortable and subtle, goes well with eye liner but doesn't look too unnatural with a bare face.


I'm surprised that this actually works really well. I've noticed since using this that my contacts have been a lot cleaner than usual and more comfortable. Definitely recommend this.

Been buying this for 5 years now

I love this I always buy this one and it makes my eyes huge ❤️

Love this contacts

Love the color

second time buying this product


They are awesome and fit great! Perfect for halloween or cosplay

Love them!

Got so many compliments, people thought they were my real eyes