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looks natural but sometimes it would move


I’m using this for a cosplay and so far, works great!

Really beautiful

This lenses are undoubtedly confortable, the best lenses brand i’ve ever tried. It is also so natural that i got surprised. I’m gonna buy other I-DOL lenses for sure
I really loved it

Confortable and natural

This lenses are undoubtedly confortable, the best lenses brand i’ve ever tried. It is also so natural that i got surprised. I’m gonna buy other I-DOL lenses for sure

Always get compliments on how beautiful my eyes are

Beautiful beautiful contacts!!

So beautiful!!! They are a light brown and really make your brown eyes pop they are gorgeous

Natural and comfortable

Shipment was very fast ordered from Canada. As for the contacts I have dark brown eyes and I must say these are the most natural light brown contacts I’ve ever purchased . Very good contrast against my eyes

Love it

Fast delivery. Arrived in Canada within 5 days which I'm very surprised (express shipping). The color is absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend this for anyone who had dark eyes like me and is looking for natural contacts. you cant even tell that I'm wearing contact honestly. Luv it!!!

Love it!

Been wearing these everyday for work and they are so comfortable l! Will be purchasing more pair and in different colors.

Pretty & Natural!

These lens are super pretty on the eyes! Even with the slight enlargement it provides, it still looks really natural. Sometimes I forget they’re on because the lens are thin and comfortable to wear. Love!!!

Great product

The look very real and are beautiful!! Definitely a gem


The color is gorgeous! The contacts are very soft and easy to put in. The prescription is also great. The only thing is that I have astigmatism so the lenses don't fit perfect, but they still fit and work totally fine. The lenses also came with a cute basic pink case.

Amazing colored contacts!!

Very nice and comfortable fit. Fast delivery!!!

I feel I dont need makeup when I wear these contacts

I have very dark brown eyes that look black, and these (Geo Grang Grang Brown) circle lenses lighten my eyes to a light brown, and it looks natural. You really cant tell I'm wearing contact lenses unless you look very close but that's normal.

Perfect and Comfortable Lenses!

The lenses are comfortable, look super natural to the eyes and are super easy to put on and remove from the eyes without hurting. I loved!

Game changer

I had to buy these as emergency contacts because I accidentally sliced my last normal pair with the contact container lid. I was not about to buy another 6 month pack of my regular contacts when I was about to see my optometrist in 3 weeks and possibly get a new prescription. I have extremely dark eyes and I don't want to draw attention to my eyes with a new color yet. These contacts come pretty close to my own eye color. They're slightly lighter but still good. They made my iris's look a bit bigger. Personally, I don't really like the "Doll eye" look on myself, especially if it's for daily wear. I absolutely love how comfy they are! My old contacts would constantly make my eyes dry and tear up out of no where. These new brown contacts never made me tear up! Of course, at the end of the day my eyes did feel tired from wearing contacts all day but that's normal. My optometrist warned me about buying contacts without a prescription/approval because of possible eye infection. However, in the three weeks I had to use these brown contacts, I didn't get any eye infection, could see just fine and my eyes never got irritatingly dry! My optometrist switched me over to a new brand of contacts that should be as comfortable as these...hopefully.

Cute but disappointed

I was really excited for these but when I put them in they are blurry for the size of the color area going into my pupil region
which is not something I have experienced with any other contacts I’ve ordered from this website so if you want to drive or function comfortably without any blurring I do not recommend this pair

Unexpectedly Natural

I really love these lenses. I was thinking they would be too light for my brown eyes, but they actually blend in well. I love the color, being somewhere in between a grey and green. They are beautiful. Will have to try more colors from this brand soon.

Wonderfully odd

Lenses are pretty; work great on blue eyes, though not as 'yellow' as on official pictures.


I love it. The Geo one was no longer around so I tried it and I liked it

Lovely Lenses

Realistic colour, and very comfortable.

Lovely Colour

Lovely colour and comfort.

Great lenses

The lenses are super natural looking and cover my dark eyes perfectly

So lit 🔥 🔥 🔥

I’ve tried the GEO Tri Color Brown (thought it was brown, had a bit of a yellow tint to it) and the GEO Evelyn Choco before (looked unnaturally huge on my small Asian eyes) ... the GEO Fresh Brown hit all the right notes. The brown of the lenses were perfect sized, not too small like my natural eye size nor too anime-like. Easily my natural eye color go-to that is very comfortable on the eyes.

Most beautiful & comfortable color contacts!

Hands down the most vibrant blue color contacts I’ve ever worn and I’ve tried at least ten different brands. Definitely going to order the brown and grey ones.

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