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Amazing look!

I bought the Ice lenses in grey, brown, and an aqua. These are as close to a perfect circle lens design as I’ve seen. The striated iris coloring fades perfectly into my own, and enlarges the iris significantly.

The striations of color are actually how irises look, not the usual weird noticeable halftone coloration seen on so many lenses.

Because the human iris is flat, and the curvature comes from the clear corneal lens, many lenses look phony, obviously sitting on top of the curved surface, and IMHO, only useful for Instagram/web photos, or cosplay.

The Ice lenses, however, have striations which alternate translucent color with clear, so that part of the iris remains visible and fades into clear well before the pupil area. Even though the black is too vibrant to be real, in all other respects, they’re more natural than 90% of the lenses I’ve tried.

I would LOVE for this company to create other lenses with this type of fading striation, in more colors and also in a more subtle variation where the black is slightly more translucent.

Also, the grey made my eyes start to burn after about an hour. The aqua hasn’t done that yet, but we’ll see. They are extremely comfortable otherwise.

Amazing 😍

Colour and size is awesome

Made Holloween fun again

I definitely brought the spirit of Halloween back to work wearing these bad boys. Made a lot of people jump and question what the heck was wrong. I just told them I was going to be a zombie or werewolf or something. The contacts didn't feel bad, however the center intruded on my pupil making a blurry area. If you have correct measurements from an optometrist these would be great!

The quality

The quality of the glasses is so good

The dark contacts were not as black as I expected,but still was very pleased

Love them!

I love my new contacts. The color looks great and realistic... Easy to put in and comfortable to wear
Will order them again

Very pleased

I am so pleased with my lens! I wore colorblends lenses for 13 years when I need a prescription. I absolutely loved them! So much so that I found them again and water them when I no longer needed a prescription. For a while I was unable to find the number picture once it was happy that I found eye candy. They came so quickly and they look absolutely fabulous!

Perfect for brown eyes

Love these, so comfortable, and natural


I'm in love these are the perfect contacts they are a bit green from far away but up close its a subtle blue grey color that's very pretty I wish it was bit more vibrant so it looked grey They are pretty comfortable you can start to feel them after a few eyedrops but if you put them in with a lot of solution they are very comfortable.

Amazing contacts

These were comfortable, affordable and so badass. Wore them to a Halloween event and kept them in for hours. I recommend to keep rewetting drops handy because they tend to get dry after awhile.

Awesome contacts

These were more than amazing they’re comfortable, affordable, and just pure badass! Highly recommend them. My husband wore them for a Halloween event. He’s never worn contacts in his life and he wore them for many hours.

Very good

Very cute color and it went well with my Halloween costume! The only complaints I have is that I didn’t get a shipping update but once I contacted customer service it was taken care of. Very good customer service and good quality upon arrival and wearability!


These are so beautiful. I purchased these, the blue and purple. the green are by far my favorite. They are so bright I get compliments on them all the time.

Great product

I have been using this brand for about 5 years now. Great quality and product

Looks great on dark eyes!

I’ve dark brown eyes and these looks amazing when in! They colour is really opaque but still has 100% clear vision which is really great! I have a prescription pair of lenses, they’re comfortable to wear and people always compliment me when I wear them. I even wore them on Halloween and they looked amazing!

Larger than expected, but very nice!

I ordered prescription and I can see with them easily. The brown is natural and you can only see the pixilated round of the circle when you’re 6-12 inches away. Great secure packaging too (came with candy also?)! There’s a metal band around the glass contact bottle so you can definitely tell if something was tampered with.

Pretty comfortable

Got these in the mail today - super fast shipping! Getting them in was a struggle, as I'm a first-time contact user, but once in, they are quite comfortable to wear. The colour is super nice and suits me well. It's a fun change from my natural brown eyes. Also, thanks for the candy! <3

My eyes but bigger!

These lenses are like magic. They layer over and blend with my eyes so perfectly that they look totally natural, just bigger. And the bit bigger really makes my eyes pop. I love them. The graphic is so beautifully designed that even my mother can’t tell I’m wearing contacts. And these are easily the most comfortable circle lenses I’ve tried. I can wear them a full 8 hours before I start to feel them.

GEO Eyeniq Glam Gray

These were super comfortable. They made my dark brown eyes look gray/green. Very natural. Went well with my costume

Very nice!

Comfortable and thin, I can wear them all day!

Very comfortable to wear and good customer service

Good quality

These are really nice lenses. Comfortable to wear and pretty natural looking. They look “fake” on me cause it’s not very believable as an Asian that I have blue eyes. I had already tried the same lenses in grey. And I loved it! So I wanted to try them out on blue. You won’t regret purchasing these lenses they look great!


These glasses are gorgeous! I immediately got compliments at work and the little pearls on the ends are such a sweet touch!!! The prescription and blue light works perfectly. I wore them all day with no issues. I absolutely love them

Good product but they haven't restocked it in a while.

They really need to restock the candy toffee brown contacts.