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Love these contacts!

I love these contacts. They are comfortable, don't dry out. The prescription did seem slightly off. Overall satisfied!

You look awesome, Jennifer! Thank you so much for your photo!
So gem like.

I got these for a New Year's Party. I made sure to soak them the 8 hours before wear and I made sure to use waterproof eyeliner so that I wouldn't end up with any kind of dryness. These were super comfortable and look great on dark eyes. The upload is from my practice run but they were just as great for the event. In the end this brand is one of the most comfortable out there and they will be fine for a whole night of comfort. Definitely highly recommended.


They are just the cutest little things and will definitely make your eyes pop and people will actually look at you it's a light colour if that's what your looking for

Very pretty

I love it, it's very comfortable and nice


The Opal Grey is the best colored contact I've tried thus far from EyeCandy. The blend is seamless making it more natural and simply BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!


I can wear them all day with no discomfort. I have very dark brown eyes and color shoes very well.

Infinity oversized in crystal

In my honest opinion I LOVE THEM🤩 they’re super cute and they’re prescribed so I can actually use it day to day and overall I think it’s a very good deal because you guys also have such a variety of frames to choose from making it all the more fun and unique and helps individuals find the right match for them☺️

Very natural and comfortable

I have nearly black eyes and I was expecting it to make me look like a lizard but it's very subtle and natural! I've had some people think they were my natural eye color

Fast and easy transaction

Fast and easy transaction

the best

so pretty

Gray eyes

I’ve been purchasing these same contacts for a couple years now and they’re still my favorite out of all !!

super soft, super natural on dark eyes!!

highly recommend these for everyday casual wear. these are the softest contacts i have ever used and they look great and not too cosplayish at all but they still enlarge and give the eyes a natural look. not sure if i would recommend these for green or blue eyes 🤷‍♀️

Beautiful Color

These contact lenses really enhanced my look, I love them!! They look very natural and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my eyes. Can’t wait to try more colors!

Great lens great value

The lenses are perfect. The service Eye Candy provides is amazing. Shipping is always on time.


Glasses came within few weeks. Got many compliments. Love them


This pair of lens looks natural with some enlargement. It's usually comfortable to wear (for up to 6 hours for me).

Still getting used to them

I love all the colors. These are comfortable but not sure still how I feel about the color yet.

Thumbs up

Love them!

LOVE IT!! 10/10 :D

the lenses are so comfortable!

My favorite colored lenses

These tri color grey lenses are my favorite grey lenses. I’ve got the tri color green & the tri color brown also. They’re all beautiful lenses as well as very comfortable. They look beautiful on dark colored eyes.

Toric lenses

I feel as if my prescription is not right Vision is blurry... also only received half of my order. However I guess the other part is on its way now. I don’t want to be negative but I feel as if I won’t use this website again.

Hi Karen, you will receive the other part of your order shortly (the toric lenses are shipped separately from the rest of the order because they're made direct by the factory)
The most natural subtle effect ever!

Finally contact lenses that are truly brown and so amazingly natural even up close! Love these so much!

Blue was never sent

I received my gray contacts and loved them but i received a beige color instead of the blue contacts which i wasn't really happy about

Hi Marlenys, please email us with a photo showing this and we'll be happy to correct any error by sending you the right item(s).
Very pretty

So the color is pretty. It’s a little too light for my eyes in my opinion but with the right make up, it’s passable for my skin tone