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Pretty and comfortable to wear

These were the first circle lenses I ever tried and I love them! Very comfortable to wear, wore them for 7 hours or so with no issues. Looks quite naturally on and makes your eyes sparkle! Would recommend.

Hi there ..the color is nice but evrytime i put it its blurry so i cant wear it at all.i dont have any problems in my eyes

Hi Carmie, Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Kindly send us a ticket over at so we may look into your concern. Thank you!
Comfy and cool color

They look nice but not very natural, people can detect them right away. The color is beautiful tho and are very comfy. I wear them all day without an issue.

Always Great

I have dark eyes, so they didn't look 100% pink all the time. Some people thought they were hazel/light brown in certain lighting, but for a light color its to be expected. I love the contacts and would get them again.


Very comfortable! Love them!!! Very noticeable in my dark brown eyes! Can’t wait to get more!!

Terrible experience

This was my first time using color contact lenses, and I decided to buy them from Eyecandy. I received a defected yearly contact lense, and they have a policy that you can't return it if you opened the container (even with evidence), so I just wasted $230. I'm never coming back.

Dear Andrea, We wanted to get in touch regarding your review. We're very sorry to hear about your experience, and want to do everything we can to make things right. Please contact me so that we can discuss this further and work towards a resolution.

They are so amazing my sleeping is much better now and yeah I wear them every time when I am on my computer or phone

SWEET Eye Candy

I'm so glad I found Eye Candy quality lenses fast delivery considering where it is shipped from. This is actually me 2nd purchase excellent product and sweet company will order again.

Cinderella Blue

They are beautiful.


They arrived fast and are beautiful!

Perfect color

I loved this lens, it's the most beautiful lens I've ever had so far, is super-comfortable and the color is wonderful. I loved it!!!

I love it! Adorei!

I really loved this lens, it's probably the most natural lens I've ever had so far, besides super-comfortable the color is wonderful. I loved it, it did not shoot from my eyes!

Love them

It’s been years since I’ve owned non color contacts. I usually wear my glasses and do color contacts from time to time.
These contacts are so comfortable and I can wear them all day. I love them, especially for the price.


I just love them! These contacts look so natural and they’re really soft, my eyes didn’t get tired of them even on the first day I tried them. Looking forward to purchase a different shade of the same brand.

GEO Tri-Color Brown

Very pretty

I love the 3 tone in these contacts. It really gives them look more natural and some lighting they even look hazel.

Will try new ones

I kind of expected them to lean towards a more yellow tint like they do in the picture, but they definitely do brighten my eyes a little bit. Will be buying other brands and colors to test them out in the future.


I had a little mishap where, as I was ordering colored contacts, I messed up on the prescription for these normal ones. Customer service quickly fixed my mistake after a frantic e-mail and I got them all just fine! Thanks, guys!


Ver compfortable and natural looking but after a few hours may make your eyes red. See photo for before and after!

Nice enlargement effect

Moves around alot the first time I put them on. Like when you blink you can feel it moving. But it gets better overtime, been wearing it for 2 weeks now and it feels comfortable. I love the enlargement effect it gives

My first pair of glasses ever!

These are comfortable and lightweight just like I wanted! I’ve never needed glasses until now and I love how sturdy yet light they feel.

It looks really nice irl.

It looks wonderful, and though I dun really like blue contacts as much because I dun think it compliments me..
The realistic-ness of it, and how it pops out is just eyecatchingly lovely! you can't miss it!
you wouldn't notice if its fake or real (unless your 2 inches away from someones face!).

My co workers said there is something strange about me but they couldn't pin point what!

but then I said I was wearing eye contacts, and they both immediately facepalm. "RIGHT YOU HAVE BROWN EYES"
hahaha. it was a good laugh.

Acuvue define

Best lenses ever made, extremely natural, they enlarge your eyes and you dont look like a fucking doll.

Absolutely one of my favs!

Beautiful on darker brown eyes!

Love my Geo Twins Topaz

The Topaz looks amazing on darker brown eyes! I love them!