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Love the way they look on my eyes. Nothing too crazy or unnatural

Fits you perfectly!
Thank you for all the support, Eric! ❤️


Very subtle, natural contacts. Was hoping to be a little bold and visible.

Thank you for the honest review, Eric!
Thank you for the support! ❤️

EyeCandys Desire Glacier Blue (KR)
Lisa M. (Portland, US)
Subtle but nice

The blue color in these contacts is subtle, but when someone gets close they can see it. Sometimes I just wear one contact (for monovision) and it looks like I have two different colored eyes. They are pretty comfortable to wear all day.

Thank you for the review and for the support, Lisa!
Glad you liked them ❤️

NEO Extra Dali Brown (KR)
Nichole S. (Staples, US)

I have green/Grey eyes and these are just so great and so comfortable.

Fits you perfectly, Nichole! ❤️
Glad you enjoyed them! ❤️

i-Sha Sugar Pasteli City Brown
Alejandra M. (Hudson, US)
Beautiful and natural

They give my brown eyes a pop of color , very natural .

Fits you perfectly, Alejandra! ❤️
Thank you for all the support! ❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Rio Brown Violet
Odalys R. (Punto Fijo, VE)

I really love the quality and the color, I used for a party with a purple look and it look really good, definitely one of my favs 💓💓

You look so beautiful, Odalys!
Glad you enjoyed them! ❤️

GEO Hurricane Choco (KR)
Froilene M. (Christchurch, NZ)
Gorgeous contacts

Best contacts I’ve had in a while. I like the size of the diameter - it makes my eyes look like I am an animé character. Also the lens are soft for long wear.

GORGEOUS! Thank you for the support, Froilene! ❤️

Lumine Renaissance Hazel
Alejandra E. (Acapulco de Juárez, MX)
I love them

The color is beautiful and intense I really love them, they are super comfortable and arrived very quickly

You look beautiful, Alejandra!
Thank you for the support! ❤️❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Blossom Brown
Evangeline B. (Matlock, GB)
Gorgeous lenses!!

These lenses look absolutely adorable!! They make your eyes look bigger and more doll like!! Absolutely adorable!! <3

Thank you for the support!
Glad you enjoyed them, Evangeline! ❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Shade Pink
Evangeline B. (Matlock, GB)
Super cute

These lenses are so cute! They are perfect for every day as well as cosplay!! <33

We are happy that you're happy! ❤️
Glad you enjoyed them!❤️

Innovision FX Solid Red
Evangeline B. (Matlock, GB)
Super lenses!!

These lenses are so vibrant and so easy to use! They are so comfy too!!

Glad you enjoyed them!
Thank you for the support, Evangeline! ❤️

Innovision FX Yellow Cat Eye
Evangeline B. (Matlock, GB)
Absolutely amazing!!

These lenses look absolutely fabulous!! They are so cool and super comfortable to wear!! <3

Glad you are happy with the lenses!
Thank you for the support, Evangeline! ❤️❤️

Freshlook Illuminate 1-Day (30pk) Jet Black
Fabiola F.V. (Guadalajara, MX)

Omg I never have try the most comfy and beautiful lenses, I want all shades, they looks super natural and oleo olé don’t even know that I have intacta on

Beautiful! Thank you for the support, Fabiola! ❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Shade Grey
Bryanna L. (Seattle, US)

Very soft contacts fyi. Color looks very cool.

Thank you for the support, Bryanna! ❤️
glad you enjoyed them ❤️

Dueba Eyescream Winki Grey (KR)
Caro T. (Miami, US)

These look so natural I love them so much

Glad you enjoyed them, Caro! ❤️
Thank you for the support! ❤️

GEO Angel Grey
Marta G. (Miami, US)
Angel grey

Love these angel grey they look very nice
Makes your eyes appear bigger

Glad you loved them, Marta! ❤️
Thank you for all the support! ❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Dione Grey
Nadja H. (Vienna, AT)
Perfect lenses

Really cool lenses!
Shopping was very quick.
I have dark brown eyes and with the lenses they look
so bright and really grey, fit perfect to my grey colored
Easy to use and really comfortable to wear
Thank you

Wow! you look beautiful, Nadja! ❤️
Thank you for all the support! ❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Shade Green
Daniel S. (Jersey City, US)
Great color for a perfect costume!

I bought these contacts to use for my Drag Halloween act and they did the trick! I have super dark brown eyes so contacts aren’t really as pigmented as I hope when they’re colored but the green lenses really popped! They’re affordable, easy to get in, and last all night comfortably!

Perfect look! ❤️
Thank you for all the support, Daniel!
Glad you enjoyed them ❤️

i-DOL Desire Euro Grey
Dulce E. (Chino, US)
Loved them

I was very pleased with these contacts. They’re very comfortable I can wear them all night and day. The prescription was just right since I need different prescription in each eye. They have a darker color around the contacts which I feel gives it a more natural look on my brown eyes I will definitely be buying more

We are happy that you're happy, Dulce!❤️
Thank you for the support! ❤️

GEO Animation SF-20 Red
Chance D. (Kissimmee, US)
Red contacts are a must

I wanted to buy a different color but im so magnetized to the look of these contacts, it keeps my vamp side wanting to stay out, 10/10 will buy again, forever.

This is amazing!! ❤️ Thank you for all the support, Chance!
Glad you enjoyed your lenses ❤️

GEO Animation Pearl White
Chance D. (Kissimmee, US)
Sickest contacts

I use these out and about and they definitely add to the air i give off, Will be purchasing these and more white contacts in the future.

WOW! This is perfect! ❤️
Thank you for sharing a photo, Chance! :)

Innovision Elite II: 3-tone Green
Angela S. (Columbus, US)
Sexy blend of colors

Very happy with this purchase

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing a photo, Angela! ❤️
Glad you enjoyed you pair! ❤️

Very cute and girly

I love pink so this was perfect!!

Pink looks good on you, Angela! ❤️
Glad you enjoyed them :)

Clalen Iris Suzy Brown (30pk)
Gabrielle (Brisbane, AU)
Natural looking enhanced eyes

These lenses look really natural on my dark brown eyes, and the wider diameter makes my eyes pop but in a really subtle way. Perfect for everyday wear or when you just want to add a little pizazz without looking overdone.Here's a photo with a lens on side and my natural eye on the either.

Glad you enjoyed them, Gabrielle! ❤️
Thank you for the support!! ❤️

EyeCandys Spotlight Grey
Vanessa S.C.H. (Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, MX)
Loyal lovers of Spotlight gray lenses

At first I thought that these lenses would look blue but as the name implies they are gray.
I was also sad at first because I thought they were hardly noticeable, but it's just a matter of lighting.
Now I love them too much and I have been able to do various makeup using them.

Thank you for all the support, Vanessa! ❤️

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