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EyeCandys Pink Label Shade Violet
Jiameng W. (Minneapolis, US)
Best purple I've tried to date

Light color is tricky on dark eyes, they either make you look mean (small diameter tint makes your eyes look smaller), or doesn't show up at all in color. These will lighten up your eyes to a smoky true purple with sufficient diameter tint and also not too large of an opening for the pupil without restricting too much vision (ie. more color!). Got a pair for myself as well as my partner after seeing how nice they looked on him.

Thank you, Jiameng for the review and we're so glad you enjoyed them! ❤️

Love these 1-days

These daily contacts are so comfortable and give a beautiful natural color effect. The ones I'm wearing right now are the Fall color, which is my favorite. My only problem is that I can't figure out how to order more of the same color!

Perfectly suits you, Mikaila! ❤️
Please send us a message at and we would gladly assist you! ☺️

VW (San Francisco, US)
Pretty color

Comfortable lens. Pattern and color is subtle. Interesting look with casual outfit or work attires.

Glad you enjoyed them!
Thank you for the support!! ❤️

GEO Nudy Grey
Anonymous (San Antonio, US)
Great for dark eyes

My favorite pair. Really comfortable, i have dark brown eyes and it really caught a pretty grey and made my eyes bigger i love!

So beautiful!! Glad you enjoyed them!
Thank you so much for all the support! ❤️

GEOLICA Eyevelyn Choco (KR)
Karen N. (Champaign, US)

Very natural if you have brown eyes, size isn't too overwhelming. Comfortable I like them a lot :)

Natural looking but gives out the perfect look!
Fits you perfectly, Karen! ❤️

Natural Look & Comfy!

I was worried about the comfort when using contact lenses because I have fairly sensitive eyes but these lenses were amazing! I love how comfortable they sit on my eyes, as well as the overall moisture content! I didn't have to worry about my eyes feeling dry or tired after wearing them for a whole day.. except when the day is exceptionally windy, then maybe it'll feel dry faster. But overall, they lasted very long! I also love the natural look, it gives my eyes a subtle pop. I highly recommend these lenses as a daily comfort wear.

BEAUTIFUL, Bonita! ❤️
Thank you for the honest review and for the support! ☺️

EyeCandys Glossy Vista Green
Anferny H. (Orlando, US)


Thank you, Anferny!! ❤️

No hassle!

No hassle ordering. Thank goodness!

Thank you so much for the support! ❤️❤️

EyeCandys Whimsy Green
Kenya V.B.G. (Ejido Culiacan (Culiacancito), MX)
I love it

They look and feel natural! Comfortable and light, can use for hours! 💖

So beautiful!!!
This fits you perfectly,Kenya! ❤️

EyeCandys Spotlight Grey
Kenya V.B.G. (Ejido Culiacan (Culiacancito), MX)

I loved them, they’re comfortable and look natural!<3 No filter or editing:)

Thank you so much, Kenya! ❤️

Freshlook Colorblends Pure Hazel
Chantel H. (Dallas, US)
So Natural

Absolutely love these!!! Very natural looking!!

In love with this!! ❤️
Thank you for sharing a photo and thank you for all the support, Chantel!

EyeCandys Pink Label Flirty Grey
Melgen V. (Quezon City, PH)
Flirty Grey

love the lense! so pretty and comfortable in my eyes! I really love how it matches my makeup! 💙

The perfect look!!
It suits you perfectly, Melgen! ❤️

NEO Cosmo Green (KR)
Katie (Norfolk, US)
Subtle enhancement

I have naturally green/gray eyes, and this color is perfect for allowing the green to “pop” and to enhance the limbic ring beautifully. Subtle but gorgeous! I’ve had lots of compliments on my eyes, even from strangers, which surprised me considering how subtle the look is

Thank you for all the support, Katie! ❤️

Innovision Fantasy V: 1-tone Forest Grey
Luz R. (Philadelphia, US)

Luv them .. Will order again..

Thank you for the support, Luz!! ❤️
I love this photo! perfect!

NEO Natural Touch Brown
Jannette N.J. (Andover, US)
Fit seamlessly beautiful and bright

I love dark circles around my eyes, these will give you that definition. However if your eyes are a lighter brown like mine it will definitely darken them, which i also like. Super comfortable
all day wear.

Thank you for the honest review, Jannette! ❤️
We're so glad you enjoyed them!

NEO Natural Touch Black
S (Poplar, GB)

Great lenses

Thank you for the support!
Glad you enjoyed them! ❤️

EyeCandys Desire Glacier Blue
Lucero P.D. (Metepec, MX)

They are the best lenses I have used, I love their designs too much, apart from being very comfortable, this brand would probably be one of my favorite lenses 💞💞

W-O-W!! This is such a beautiful look!! ❤️
Glad you enjoyed them, Lucero!! ❤️

EyeCandys Pink Label Shade Brown
Jessica A. (Bridgeton, US)
Love Them

Totally in love with all the colors I bought❤️

Beautiful!! Thank you for the review and for all the support, Jessica!! ❤️

NEO Extra Dali Brown (Custom Toric)
Jennifer V. (Minneapolis, US)
Game Changer

I wanted something that would make my eyes pop and these lens were the answer. Look at how they enlarge my small eyes and make my expression more lively! I love it!

Beautiful eyes, Jennifer!! ❤️
Thank you for the honest review and support! ☺️

EyeCandys Pink Label Swan Blue (Custom Toric)
Jennifer V. (Minneapolis, US)
Beautiful but faulty

I really loved the color of these lenses and how they looked on my dark brown eyes, but my vision was impaired. No matter how many times I tried to adjust the lens I would see a white fog/blur. I believe it’s because the width of color overlaps with my iris. I truly wished they weren’t so. Otherwise, I would have given a rating of five stars!

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for the honest review! Please send us a message at and we would gladly assist you choose the perfect fitting lens for you! ❤️

EyeCandys Glossy Ivory
Christina Y. (Herndon, US)
My new favorites!

Love these lenses so much against my dark brown eyes!

GORGEOUS, Christina! ❤️
Thank you for the review and support! ☺️

cindy (Cedar Hill, US)
Absolutely adore these!!

They were a perfect fit and very comfortable. They’re a bright hazel color and look very pretty up close and far away. The only thing I noticed with these is that from far away they make the entire eye appear a bit glassy, which I don’t mind! I just have never had other contacts appear that way from far away hehe. They came with a lenticular photocard as well which I was very excited about. I will most likely rebuy once my pair expires!

This fits you perfectly, Cindy!
Thank you for the support and thank for sharing photos! These are so beautiful! ❤️

Innovision Fantasy V: 1-tone Sand
cindy (Cedar Hill, US)
Right color, just a bit drying

I’ve been in search of a not-so-vibrant brown and I really liked the color on these! They add a pop of color while still being a natural dull tone, however they did dry my eyes out a bit so I would just recommend carrying eye drops when wearing these out.

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for the honest review and for the support!! ❤️

Innovision Elite II: 3-tone Green
cindy (Cedar Hill, US)
Not the right fit for me

I loved the color on these contacts but unfortunately they didn’t sit on my eyes well. My usual base curve is 8.6 and these are 8.8. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a huge difference since contacts with a base curve of 8.7 fit me just fine, but unfortunately it was a big difference. I think because of this issue it also irritates my eyes quite a bit. But I’m still glad I gave them a shot and now I know for future reference!

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for the honest review!
We hope you can try some of our other lenses and we would gladly help you choose the perfect lens for you! ❤️☺️

Dueba Eyescream Winki Grey (KR)
alix f. (Tucson, US)
Love these

They’re comfy and they’re so nice! I have dark brown eyes but these lighten them up and give them a beautiful grey color like I was hoping!

Thank you for sharing photos, Alix!
This is beautiful! Thank you for the honest review! ❤️

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