NEO Vision Glamour Hazel

HK$230.00 HK$186.48

CIBA Vision Freshlook Dailies Pure Hazel


Royal Vision Creamy Hazel


GEOLICA Eyeniq 1-Day Brown

HK$213.52 HK$198.14

Royal Vision Pinky Color Hazel


GEO Medical Twins Hazel


NEO Vision Queen 4 Tone Hazel


Pure hazel contacts are one of the most popular types of cosmetic lenses. This color is often associated with mystery and exoticism, making these contacts perfect for dates or any occasion when you want to impress a special someone. Our beautiful assortment of hazel contacts includes shades tinged with reds, yellows and greens. They're the perfect lenses when you want something netural, sophisticated, with just a little pop of light color. We highly recommend these if you have a warm, caramel colored complexion or if you have dark hair. No matter what makeup or outfit you decide to pair these lenses with, you'll glow with an aura of confidence. Get a pair of hazel contacts and express your inner beauty today!