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Are color contact lenses vegan and cruelty free?

Are color contact lenses vegan and cruelty free?


When you think of animal testing, you probably think of the usual suspects - makeup and cosmetic products in particular. However, along with those you may expect, our furry friends are also used for testing of pet food, cleaning products, artificial sweeteners, diapers, and “gasp” contact lenses!

In many cases, it is considered standard practice to perform testing of products on animals in order to ensure the safety of use for humans. There are a variety of opinions on the topic, particularly the necessity of such testing, humanity of the testing, and the living conditions of the subjects.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) works hard to combat animal testing, believing that the rights of animals should be considered less universal than the rights of humans. Others feel that, when absolutely necessary, animal testing is appropriate, as long as the living conditions of the animals are happy and healthy. Very few feel that animal testing should be performed if not necessary. We believe that everyone has a right to know about the procedures used in the development and manufacturing of the products you use - especially those that touch your eye!

Are All Color Contacts Tested on Animals?

Contact lenses, though many of them use them mostly for cosmetic purposes, are technically considered medical devices. Which means that contact lenses, like any other medical device regulated by the FDA, come in a variety of classes. Class III medical devices are required to be tested first on animal subjects to ensure safety for the human population.

Safety regulations are taken seriously by manufacturers of contact lenses. Which of course is appropriate as they are applied to the surface of your eye, a very sensitive and fragile area. Therefore, several of the major contact companies do test on animals. Contact lenses are typically tested on the eyes of rabbits. Because this has been industry standard for so long, and due to the fear that many companies have of lawsuits as a result of faulty products, manufacturers have clung to the procedures of animal testing in developing contact lens products.

Here at EyeCandy’s, we take humane practice seriously! None of our manufacturers test on animals. In fact, they don’t use any animal products in any phase of their manufacturing process. You can take a stand against animal testing simply by purchasing color contact lenses that are manufactured by companies who refrain from testing their products on animals.

Browse the wide variety of color contacts here at EyeCandy’s and know that your eyes and your ethical compass are in great hands! You get the best of both worlds! FDA-approved color contact lenses crafted for your health and safety - in a cruelty-free, vegan product you can feel great about using!

What About Contact Solution?

Many contact solutions are tested on animals as well. Here again, EyeCandy’s commits to only packing our contact lenses in buffered saline solution that is not tested on animals. It is made from a stock solution that is cruelty-free! Again, no animal products here. So, if you have chosen a vegan lifestyle, we have you covered!

What Are My Contact Lenses Made Of?

  • Silicone Hydrogel: Silicone hydrogel is a high oxygen-permeable plastic that allows the flow of up to seven times more oxygen to the eye when compared with traditional contact lenses. Wearers find them 100% more comfortable than the traditional materials.
  • PC Silicone Hydrogel: Phosphorylcholine silicone hydrogel forms the biocompatible coating of many medical implants and prosthetics. It is loved for its ability to adapt the the natural composition of the wearer’s eyes.
  • 2-HEMA/Polymacon: This is considered a low hydration hydrogel of nonionic polymer and is a common material used in the manufacture of contact lenses.
  • Methafilcon A: Methafilcon A is a high water ionic hydrogel polymer. It contains over 50% water and wearers find these contact lenses to be extremely comfortable.

All of the above materials are synthetic polymers that are compatible with human eyes. Whether or not they are compatible with animal eyes - that we don’t know. Which is one of many reasons our products aren’t tested on animals.

Surprising Items that Contain Animal By-Products

With more and more people choosing to lead vegan lifestyles, it’s become apparent that it’s not only the foods we put into our bodies that contain unexpected animal by-products. Reading nutrition labels closely shows us that chocolate, beer and wine, sugar, non-dairy creamers, and even veggie burgers often contain hidden animal products. What many don’t know is that it’s also important to read and understand the ingredient labels of the products we use outside of our bodies, like lotion, nail polish, perfume, hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Animal by-products are almost impossible to escape. But EyeCandy’s contact lenses and the solutions they’re packed in are not only not tested on animals, they are also completely vegan! Update your look with new color contacts without sacrificing your lifestyle choices.

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