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Circle Lenses for Men

There was a time when contact lenses were only for people who had vision problems but didn’t want to wear unsightly eyeglasses. Then non-prescription color lenses were invented, and these gave women the opportunity to change the color of their eyes whenever they wanted to.

In recent years, manufacturers also invented contact lenses in a wide variety of designs you can use for parties, particularly for Halloween. This gave guys the opportunity to wear cosmetic contacts as well, where before only women did. Is it okay for men to wear cosmetic lenses in regular designs the way women do, though?

A quick review of some online posts, comments, and discussions seems to say, “Yes, it is indeed okay for guys to wear cosmetic lenses.” In fact, some women are now doing their best to convince their boyfriends and close male friends to try these lenses out!

Naturally, you wouldn’t want anyone to question your masculinity if you start wearing cosmetic lenses, which are generally seen as women’s accessories. Fortunately, not all circle lenses make you look feminine. Here are a few choices offered by EyeCandy’s that can make you look more attractive without robbing you of your masculinity:

GEO Blue Contacts

GEO Color Nine Blue – This may be a good choice if you’re sure that your features and natural coloring will be perfectly complemented by the color blue. This lens has a swirl-like blue pattern surrounded by a soft outer ring.

GEO Fresh Grey Contacts

GEO Fresh Gray – Gray is also a good color for men because it is a neutral color and brings out your masculinity more. If you have light gray eyes, this will make them look darker and give you a mysterious appeal. This may be the ideal choice for those who want to make their eyes look more attractive, but still retain the natural look.

GEO Tri Color Brown Contacts

GEO Tri-color World Brown – This is another color that’s ideal for changing up your look without looking too weird or effeminate. Brown is a neutral color and just may give you a more youthful and carefree appearance.

These are just three of the choices you can find on the EyeCandy’s website. There are plenty of other lenses out there for you to choose from. There are even some lenses that make your eyes appear hypnotic, perfect if you want to look dangerously mysterious (some women fall hard for that kind of look).

The choice of circle lenses ultimately depends on your preferences. You may even choose to go for ones that aren’t colored, if you simply want your eyes to look a little bigger. What’s important is for you to choose a pair of lenses that perfectly give you the kind of look you want.

Of course, it would be wise to consult with your eye doctor before you get your first pair of circle lenses. After all, safety should always be your primary concern. Oh, and don’t forget to complement the look with your hairstyle as well!

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