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Cleaning and Disinfection Products for Cosmetic Contact Lenses

NEO Plus Contact Lens Solution

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of cleaning and caring for cosmetic contact lenses, then daily disposables may be the best lens option for you. If you find daily disposables too expensive, however, then you’ll have to learn how to properly care for your contacts. Among the most important things you should know are the different types of cleaning and disinfection products for your lenses.

Saline Solution – This solution is used to rinse your lenses after cleaning and just before you place them in your eyes. Remember that this is generally just for rinsing and is not advisable as a disinfectant or a storing solution.

Daily Cleaner – As the name suggests, this solution is used for cleaning your contacts on a daily basis. It is typically advised for you to place a few drops on each lens and then rub gently for about 20 seconds before rinsing. You need to be very careful when rubbing the lens if you have long fingernails.

Multipurpose Solution – The name itself tells you that this solution can be used for a number of purposes. To be specific, it can be used to rinse, disinfect, clean, and store your contacts. Many lens users, however, use it solely for disinfection and storage. They use saline solutions for rinsing and daily cleaners for cleaning.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution – This solution is used to disinfect your lenses. You can get it as a “one-step” or “two-step” system. In the “one-step” system, the solution comes with a special case containing a catalyzing disk. When you soak your contacts in the solution, the hydrogen peroxide gradually decomposes so it can no longer hurt your eyes when you finally wear the lens after at least six hours of disinfection. In a “two-step” system, there is a “Step 2” solution that’s used to neutralize the lens after you take it out of the hydrogen peroxide solution. Most people use the “one-step” system, particularly those with very sensitive eyes that easily become irritated.

Enzymatic Cleaner – This solution is used for washing off the protein from cosmetic contact lenses. It is typically in tablet form and used on a weekly basis. The reason for using this weekly cleaner is that daily cleaners generally cannot completely prevent protein deposits, thus increasing the risk for eye damage.

If you truly want to maximize your enjoyment of cosmetic contact lenses, you have to clean and care for them properly. Follow the instructions provided with each solution and replace your lenses according to the schedule set by your eye doctor. And even if you don’t have vision problems and are only using contacts for purely cosmetic reasons, remember that it’s still important to go for regular eye examinations.

By heeding the above advice, you ensure that your cosmetic contact lenses last for a long time. At the same time, you also ensure safety for your eyes. Remember that you may be able to replace lenses any time, but your eyes are a completely different matter.

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