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How to Choose the Right Colored Contacts for Your Skin Tone

How to Choose the Right Colored Contacts for Your Skin Tone

Colored contact lenses are a fantastic way to enhance your natural beauty or completely transform your look. However, choosing the right colored contacts that complement your skin tone is crucial for achieving a natural and flattering appearance. This guide will help you understand how to select the perfect colored contacts for your unique skin tone.

Understanding Your Skin Tone

Three images illustrating different skin undertones: warm undertone with greenish veins, cool undertone with bluish veins, and neutral undertone with veins that are neither distinctly green nor blue.

Your skin tone is determined by the undertones that lie beneath the surface. These undertones can be categorized into three main types: warm, cool, and neutral.


Methods to Determine Your Skin ToneThree methods to determine skin tone: Vein Test with images of wrists showing green, blue, and neutral veins; Jewelry Test with images of gold and silver jewelry; and Natural Hair Color showing examples of red, orange, yellowish, black, brown, and ash blonde hair.

  1. Vein Test: Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear green, you have warm undertones. If they look blue or purple, you have cool undertones. If you can't quite tell, you may have neutral undertones.

  2. Jewelry Test: Do you look better in gold or silver jewelry? Gold tends to flatter warm undertones, while silver complements cool undertones. If both look good, you likely have neutral undertones.

  3. Natural Hair Color: Generally, people with warm undertones have naturally red, orange, or yellowish hair, while those with cool undertones have black, brown, or ash blonde hair.

Matching Colored Contacts to Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin tones often have golden, peachy, or yellowish undertones.

Suitable Colored Contacts for Warm Skin Tones

  1. Brown Contacts: Shades like chocolate, caramel, and honey can create a natural and harmonious look.

  2. Hazel Contacts: Hazel contacts blend green and brown hues, adding a dynamic and natural depth to your eyes.

  3. Honey Contacts: These offer a soft, golden glow that enhances the warmth of your skin.

Tips for a Natural Look

Stick to earthy tones that blend seamlessly with your skin tone. Avoid overly bright or cool colors that can look unnatural against your warm undertones.

Matching Colored Contacts to Cool Skin Tones

Images of models wearing blue, grey, and green colored contacts suitable for cool skin tones, with close-up shots of each eye color. Featuring: Glossy Blue, Sugarlook Grey, Lush Green.

Cool skin tones usually have pink, red, or blue undertones.

Suitable Colored Contacts for Cool Skin Tones

  1. Blue Contacts: Shades like sapphire, aqua, and ice blue create a striking contrast and enhance cool undertones.

  2. Gray Contacts: Gray lenses offer a sophisticated and subtle look that complements cool skin tones.

  3. Green Contacts: Emerald, olive, and forest green lenses can add a vibrant pop of color.

Creating a Striking Contrast

Choose colors that create a striking contrast with your natural eye color and skin tone for a bold and eye-catching look.

Considerations for Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin tones have a balance of both warm and cool undertones.

Versatility in Choosing Colored Contacts

Neutral undertones can pull off a wide range of colors. Whether you prefer warm or cool shades, you have the flexibility to experiment with various hues.

Versatility in Choosing Colored Contacts

Don't be afraid to try different colors to see what works best for you. Neutral undertones provide the perfect canvas for both subtle and bold looks.

Additional Factors to Consider Eye Color

Your natural eye color can influence how certain contact lenses appear. For example, blue contacts on naturally dark eyes may result in a different shade than on light eyes.

Hair Color and Style

Consider your hair color and style when choosing colored contacts. For example, if you have dark hair, bold colors like blue or green can create a striking look.

Lifestyle and Occasions

Think about when and where you'll be wearing your colored contacts. Natural shades might be more suitable for daily wear, while vibrant colors can be great for special occasions.

Importance of Trying On

Always try on colored contacts before making a final decision. This helps you see how the color complements your skin tone and overall look.

Where to Find Trial Lenses

Many online retailers and optical stores offer trial lenses. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to find the perfect match.

Tips for Testing Multiple Colors

Tips for Testing Multiple Colored Contact Lenses. The image shows three tips: testing lenses in natural lighting, taking photos for comparison, and getting opinions from friends or family. Featured images include a model wearing colored lenses in natural light, a close-up selfie for comparison, and two women sharing opinions while looking at a tablet.
  1. Natural Lighting: Test lenses in natural lighting to see how they appear in different conditions.

  2. Take Photos: Take photos to compare how each color looks on you.

  3. Get Opinions: Ask friends or family for their opinions to help you decide.

Consultation with Eye Care Professionals

Consultation with Eye Care Professionals. The image illustrates the importance of consulting with an eye care professional before purchasing colored contacts, obtaining a valid prescription for proper fit, and ensuring comfort and safety with proper hygiene practices. Features include a doctor holding contact lenses, a prescription form, and contact lens cleaning supplies.

Importance of Consultation

Before purchasing colored contacts, consult with an eye care professional to ensure they are safe for you to wear. And only buy from reputable vendors like EyeCandys.

Getting a Valid Prescription

Obtain a valid prescription to ensure your lenses fit properly and comfortably. Your eye care professional can also provide recommendations based on your eye health.

Ensuring Comfort and Safety

Make sure the lenses you choose are comfortable and safe for daily wear. Follow proper hygiene practices to avoid any eye infections or discomfort.

Choosing the right colored contacts for your skin tone can enhance your natural beauty and give you a fresh, new look. Whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones, there's a perfect pair of colored contacts out there for you. Don't be afraid to experiment and find the shades that make you feel confident and beautiful.

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