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FREE Pink Jelly Cosmetic Pouch!

Attention makeup lovers! Now you can toot your EyeCandy's goodies around in a cute pink jelly cosmetic travel pouch. What's not to love about this bag - airport-safe, waterproof and easy to clean in case of spills!

FREE EyeCandy's Pink Cosmetic Pouch

EyeCandy's free pink makeup bag

Get 1 FREE with any purchase of 3+ pairs of contact lenses or 3+ cosmetic/skincare items*

Buyers of 3+ pairs of contact lenses will also receive a FREE Miofriends 2.0 antibacterial keychain case (character randomly chosen) so you can tote your lenses anywhere. ;)

We'll add the items automatically to your parcel so you don't have to add anything to your cart. =)

*Single sheet masks, wig combs/stands/nets and supplements do not count for the "3+ cosmetic/skincare items"

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