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How Do You Find the Right Circle Lens?

Choosing the Right Circle Lenses

There are two types of contact lenses: regular ones that are intended to improve eyesight and colored lenses meant to make a person look better. Regular lenses are easy to find as all you need to do is follow your doctor’s prescription. Choosing the right colored lenses involves more decisions. What color suits you? What kind of lens is best for you? Why do you want to wear colored lenses? These are questions you need to answer in order to find the perfect lens for you.

I - What are Circle Lenses?

Although they look like regular colored contact lenses, circle lenses are favored by many because of the illusion they create. They make the iris appear bigger, so the eyes look larger. These lenses help create doll-like eyes, which is popular in Asia, particularly in South Korea, where they originated.

Here are some characteristics that make these special lenses different from the regular ones:

  • They are tinted not only in areas within the iris, but also outside the iris. The tint that surrounds the outside of the iris is dark. It is what creates the illusion of bigger eyes.
  • Circle contact lenses come in varied customized designs, so they’re suitable for practically any eye type. Some types make the eyes appear bolder, while others make your eyes glow.
  • Circle contacts are soft lenses and are therefore more flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • These cosmetic lenses come with a one-year usage period.
  • These special lenses are perfect for Asians as they were created for Asians.

II - Tips for Finding the Right Circle Lens

There are some considerations you need to keep in mind if you want to find the right circle colored contacts.

  • Skin Tone: If your skin tone is light, practically all colors will suit you. However, if you want to achieve a complete doll-like effect, you should go for lenses that are dark-rimmed. Colored lenses that do not come with dark rims are perfect if your skin tone is darker.
  • These contacts come in different colors and designs. Choose one that suits your lifestyle or your personality. If you want a natural look with only the smallest hint of enlargement, go for lenses with a size of 14.0mm.
  • Generally, wearing colored lenses will make people look at your face. This is especially true if you choose a color that’s quite different from your natural eye color. As such, be sure that the lens you choose complements your makeup (if you wear some). If you are confident enough not to wear makeup, feel free to do so, but choose a color that will make your eyes glow. This glow will radiate throughout your face and make you look even more attractive.
  • Decide why you want to wear colored circle lenses. Ask yourself questions like “Will my doctor approve my wearing one?” and “What benefits can I get from wearing colored circle lens?”
  • Finally, choose circle lenses made by reputable manufacturers. Never go for the cheap ones that compromise your health and safety.
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