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How to Care for Color Contact Lenses

Like any prized possession, contact lenses need the right care and handling. There are three things you need to consider if you want to learn how to properly clean and handle your color contact lenses.

I - Usage or Wearing Period Matters

  • Newly purchased colored contacts should be worn progressively over time. For the first day, they should be worn for two hours only. For the succeeding days, add two hours each. And so on. This will help you avoid eye strain. You’ll also be able to adjust well with the idea that something is inserted in your eye.
  • It is not advisable to wear color contact lenses for eight hours straight. Additionally, wearing them while you are sleeping is also not a good idea. Extended wearing of contact lenses is not recommended because it can expose you to infections and allergies. You’ll also be prone to eye strain and similar conditions.
  • They’re also prohibited when you go for a swim or when you’re sick with colds and the flu. Germs can easily transfer to your lenses when you put them on. Some medication can also make your eyes dry; thus, you may feel a little uncomfortable or irritable.

II - Cleaning Process

  • Your contact lenses should be cleaned regularly; at least every two days. Before starting the cleaning process, be sure that your hands are clean.
  • Follow proper cleaning procedures. Open your palm and place your lens on it. Pour a few drops of the cleaning/care solution on the lens and gently massage it. Count up to 15 or 20 and then rinse both sides of the lens with the solution. Your color contact lenses should be soaked in the solution for at least six hours before you can put them back on.
  • Use a protein removal solution to take away protein build up on your contact lenses. If you take this for granted, your lens will become blurry. They will also easily tear.
  • Your fingernails should be clean and short when you clean your lens. Long fingernails can scratch lenses. Additionally, you’ll need to be extra careful when putting on lenses as long fingernails may damage them.
Cleaning Colored Contact Lens

Gently rub the lens in the palm of your hand. Avoid handling with nails.

III - Consecutive Lens Use

  • If you need to use your color contact lenses more regularly, like for two or three consecutive days, find time to soak and clean them using your lens care solution the night before you are to wear them. Make sure that the lens care solution is not used. You should change your lens care solution everyday. Not doing so will expose you to germs and infection.
  • Take off your lenses or use protective covering (like sunglasses) when you know you will be exposed to dust and other foreign particles. Once dust enters your eyes, it will be irritated. For some people, this can lead to allergies. In other cases, dust entering the eyes can cause infection and pain.
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