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Korean Contact Lenses – Achieving the Celebrity Look

Krystal from Kpop Group F(X) wears green colored contact lenses

Koreans are known for their sense of style and many people all over the world want to achieve the look of Korean celebrities. If you want to do the same, then you need to understand that this kind of fashion isn’t all about the clothes. In fact, it’s more about the hair, the makeup, and the accessories.

Dressing Up

I know I said this kind of fashion isn’t all about the clothes, but you still need to learn the basics of dressing up like a Korean celebrity, of course. The key is in layering several pieces of clothing and mixing colors. Keep in mind that the classic black outfit with red accessories is too boring for what you want to achieve.

The first step is to choose a bottom (shorts, skirt, pants, etc.) you feel comfortable wearing. The second step is to choose a top based on the bottom you’ve chosen. If you chose a plain and tight-fitting bottom, for example, the best top is a loose one with bold print. The third step is choosing the right footwear. Slippers, boots, and high-cut sneakers are probably the best options for the outfit described earlier.


The accessories are actually what make this kind of fashion so attractive. Bangles, big bags, brightly-colored scarves, coats, blazers, and ling necklaces are just some of the items you can add to your outfit to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Other than that, of course, you’ll want to put on a pair of Korean contact lenses. These colored lenses can help give your eyes the extra sparkle that’s so common among your favorite Korean celebrities. It helps in giving them the “ulzzang” look, which literally translates into “best face”.

Korean contact lenses most commonly used by celebrities include gray, brown, and hazel. The styles will vary according to their chosen brand. Some of the most popular are NEO Celeb Brown, NEO Dali Premium Brown, and GEO Hurricane Brown.

Quick Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial on how you can achieve one specific Korean celebrity look:

  • Dye your hair pink.
  • Put on a pair of 2-tone Korean contact lenses.
  • Apply light foundation.
  • If you have dark circles under your eyes or any other facial blemishes, don’t forget to apply concealer.
  • Use brown eyebrow liner on the inner half of your brows and red eye shadow on the outer half.
  • Apply face powder.
  • Use eyeliner on your upper eyelid, as close to the lash line as possible. Be sure to apply the liner in just one stroke.
  • Apply one full coat of mascara on your upper lashes.
  • Apply colored lip balm in pale pink.

This should give you a look that’s similar to that of Krystal of the girl group F(X).

With the right pair of Korean contact lenses and a good dose of creativity, you can recreate the look of any celebrity you admire. Now you can look forward to the next special occasion where you want to wow your family and friends.

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