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Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Find the best Mother's Day gifts for whether it's your own mom or another mother figure in your life.

Mama, You Deserve an
Amazing Day Out!

Get out - Enjoy the Sunshine - Celebrate You!

You work hard 24/7 - 365! And now it's time to celebrate all that you do for everyone else - with a little time for you! Cocktail Blue Hawaii colored contacts from LensMe will give you that tropical vacay vibe, perfect for a day that's all about you!

Mom, You Deserve an
EPIC Date Night!

For all you do... we wish you the very best night on the town!

For all the homework help, laundry, and homemade dinners, you deserve a night out with your loving partner! And we've got just the accessory to help make any outfit - and makeup look - special. Grey colored contacts are the hottest new trend - and Milkin Grey lenses are LensMe's top seller. Take a look, and you'll see - it's clear why!

Another Day - Another Errand

We See You, On the Go Mom!

There's no job busier than that of being a mom. From school drop off to groceries to soccer practice, sometimes it feels like it just never stops! Lucky for you, Bayvely Brown colored contacts from LensMe provide an instant makeover! No matter where you're headed, you deserve to look amazing!

For the Working Moms...

Here's a little something to lesson the strain - Eye strain that is!

Moms are busy non-stop, just being moms, Add in a career and things can get pretty crazy! With more jobs, and more work tasks, than ever being digitally based, eye care becomes a very real concern. Infinity Glasses with Blue Light Blocking technology protect your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light from computer and cell phone screens. This Mother's Day, you deserve the gift of good eye health.

Woah, Mama! Slow Down!

We know, you're always on the go! But take a breath this Mother's Day!

Ray Ban sunglasses have held a reputation for quality and style for generations! With all you do to care for and raise the next one, you deserve a pair of Ray Ban RB3447 Round Sunglasses to keep your eyes safe and comfortable while you're on the go! Your job never stops - and your eye protection should hold up, too.

Mom, You Know How to Get Things Done!

We LOVE How You DIY!

Being a mom requires so many qualities. Caring, nurturing, organization... the list goes on and on. And you're the QUEEN of creativity! Ray Ban RB3579 Geometric Sunglasses allow you to show off your quirky, fun, creative side - while staying true to your put-together self!

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