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Tips for Halloween Makeup with Contacts

Tips for Halloween Makeup with Contacts - EyeCandys

Halloween is creeping around the corner, and for many, it's the perfect time to don a new look, portray your favorite character, and simply enjoy the thrill of the night. However, one accessory that truly makes a statement and completes your haunting avatar is colored contact lenses. Whether you aim for the ethereal, sultry, or downright eerie, contact lenses are your best pals.

But as with all good things, they come with a user manual. To make the most of your lenses and to ensure eye safety, here’s a refined guide for you:



1. Always Put Contacts In First

We get it; the excitement to craft your eerie look with makeup is palpable. However, starting with your contacts is a smart move. By doing so, you dodge the bullet of potentially getting makeup debris or residue onto your lenses, which could cause discomfort or even an infection. Remember, clean vision first, then the transformative makeup magic.

2. Opt for Quality

Bargains can be tempting, especially when you come across those affordable lenses in a pop-up costume shop. But when it comes to your eyes, quality trumps cost every time. Prioritize lenses from reputed brands or authorized retailers. Your eyes are sensitive; the last thing you want is to regret saving a few bucks in exchange for compromising your eye health.

3. Maintain Clean Hands

Think of this as rule number one, reiterated. Just as you wouldn't apply makeup with dirty brushes, the same goes for handling contacts. Wash your hands diligently with soap and ensure they're free from any lingering lotion or residue. Clean hands reduce the risk of introducing any foreign and harmful substance to your eyes.

4. Limit Wear Time

Your Halloween spirit might be infinite, but the endurance of your eyes isn’t. Over-wearing your contacts can lead to discomfort and eye fatigue. Stick to wearing them for no more than 12 hours. If your eyes start feeling irritated or dry, it's a signal. Listen to it, and give your eyes the breather they deserve.


5. Stay Hydrated

The festive spirit, makeup, and dance can often divert your attention from your eyes' hydration needs. Especially when wearing contacts, keeping them moist becomes paramount. A little pocket-sized bottle of contact-approved lubricating eye drops can be a lifesaver. Hydrated eyes ensure comfort and clarity, so don't skimp on this.

6. Never Share Contacts


Your friends might be swooning over your new vibrant contact lenses, but no matter the temptation, never swap or share. Contacts are personal. Sharing them is an open invitation for unwanted infections and bacterial transfers. Be possessive about your contacts; it's for the best!

7. Proper Storage and Care

After your night of thrills and chills, your contacts need some TLC. Storing them correctly ensures their longevity and safety. Use a sterile case and fresh solution to rest your lenses. A little attention here ensures that they are primed and ready for your next wear or the next big event.



From bewitching vampires to ethereal fairies, colored contacts are the unsung heroes behind every captivating Halloween look. And while they elevate your costume to pro-levels, being savvy about their usage ensures your eyes stay as happy as your Halloween spirit. So, gear up, prep your lenses, and step into the night as the vision of everyone's spooky dreams. Here’s to the most mesmerizing looks you'll serve this Halloween!

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Monica Jaco

Monica Jaco

As EyeCandys makeup and beauty guru, Monica brings her extensive knowledge and creative flair to provide styling tips and tricks that make your contacts an active part of your style....

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