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Virtual Try-On Colored Contacts Before & After

Ever wanted to see what colored eye contacts look like on you before you buy them? Well, you now can! Simply hover over the images below to see the 'before' look without colour contacts on our models. Then, you can test out our exclusive filters on Instagram to see the colored contacts before & after and fall in love with a new shade. There will be no returns or regrets, purely beautiful eyes accompanied with a happy smile. Using the filter to try out your brand new look is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply head to the @eyecandyscom Instagram page and click the filter button (3 stars). Scroll through the options, choose the collection you want, and select the ‘try it’ button. You’ll then have the option to swipe and select the color that you desire to test the colored contacts before & after on yourself! Bear in mind that some filters have makeup effects attached to them, but you only have to tap your screen to turn it on or off. In no time, you’ll find your favorite colored contacts cheap and know they suit you before you’ve even hit purchase.

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Experience the burst of colors from the Pink Label Prism Series, the perfect colored contacts for dark eyes. The large lenses come in Prism Pink, Prism Blue, Prism Brown, and Prism Grey, each including a swirl of different colors that will present an atmospheric vibe when you see them close up or a candy-like appearance from afar. When you try the filter and see these colored contacts before & after, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love.

For something more natural and toned down, you can opt for the Pink Label Pearl Black or the Pink Label Classe Brown Choco. The first is a simple black with a limbal ring that defines your eyes in a natural, subtle way. The Choco is a perfect colored contact for brown eyes full of rich pigments and a starburst pattern with a dark limbal ring that creates a larger and more complex effect on the eyes. Both provide a realistic style that will make your eyes glow, as you will see the moment you apply the filter.

Another collection available to view with our filters is the Pink Label Shades that come in Shade Brown, Shade Blue, Shade Green, and Shade Grey. The standard size provides a natural and perfect fit and will lighten up naturally dark eyes. Each lens is richly pigmented and provides a complete eye transformation while still looking down to earth. Once you’ve decided which color is your favorite by viewing it with our filters, you’ll receive a pair of colored contacts with prescription or without that are comfortable, durable, and stylish.

The Eyecandys Desire series can be tried on with our filters, and you’ll see the colored contacts before & after, which will blow your mind. Available in colors Toffee Brown, Glacier Blue, Lush Green, and Mist Grey, these large lenses are some of the most natural contacts we have on offer. Opt for an icy take on the popular blue eyes with the Glacier Blue or a light, warm color designed to blend naturally on any eye color and best for those who want to enhance their eyes effortlessly with Toffee Brown. The Lush Brown is natural-looking and enhanced by light streaks, which help blend in your actual eye color for a more realistic look. There’s also the Mist Grey with translucent streaks that help create a realistic silhouette as they allow your natural eye colors to play into the cloudy shade greys.

With so many filters on offer, what are you waiting for? Go try them out today!