NEO Vision Weekly Shiny Dali Brown (12 Pcs)


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NEO Vision Weekly Natural Dali Brown (12 Pcs)


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NEO Vision Weekly Natural Dali Black (12 Pcs)


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Perhaps you’re looking to subtly enhance your everyday eyes, or perhaps you’re putting finishing touches on a Halloween costume, or perhaps it’s just something in between. Whatever it is, EyeCandy’s got you covered.

Our vast selection of colored contacts come in exciting shades of blue, grey, green, purple, hazel and even pink! Honey and hazel lenses are great for perking up dark eyes without going overboard–wear them at school or work, and simply look like a prettier version of your usual self. Blues, greys and greens add an exotic touch to dark eyes–wear them on dates or special events. When you want to go all-out at parties or clubbing, try purple or pink lenses. Enlarging black or brown circle lenses are clearly a staple for Asian girls looking to make their eyes bigger and brighter.

Thankfully for those needing vision correction, prescription colored contacts exist. The lenses made for myopia (nearsightedness) cost the same as their non-prescription counterparts. Toric colored contacts that correct astigmatism usually cost 2-3x more. The ones without prescription (aka “plano lenses”) are also known as cosmetic contact lenses.

It’s important to only use colored contacts brands certified by national and international health authorities. EyeCandy’s keeps your health our #1 priority–we only stock brands approved by the FDA (American Drug and Food Administration), Health Canada, KDFA (Korean Drug and Food Administration) and/or CE1023.

Color contacts are the fastest, easiest accessory out there. Give your look an instant pop of color now!