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Disposable Contact Lenses

Explore Various Contact Lens Types - Including Dailies, Monthlies and Biweekly/Fortnight-Replacement Lenses. Find the Best Frequency to Suit your Lifestyle and Schedule. FREE Shipping & Best Prices Online!

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Asian eye wearing Melinoe 1-Day Beige Blue coloured contact lens on top of a dark iris, with natural glitter eyeshadow and long eyelashes.
Young woman with long black hair, captivating eyes, and bright pink makeup for a more natural look. She is wearing Melinoe 1-Day Beige Blue colored prescription contact lenses. Stunning eye makeup and contact lenses are seen in the close-up of the woman's eyes in the photo below.
💧For Dry Eyes 💧Moist
0.00 ~ -8.00 | Daily

Melinoe 1-Day Beige Blue (10pk)


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