MioTTiCA Disney 3D Character Antibacterial Contact Lens Case

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EyeCandy's Heart Patterned Contact Lens Travel Case


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Rohto Rohto Eye Moisturizer


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Rohto Rohto Namida Fresh Eye Moisturizer


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EyeCandy's Rose Shaped Contact Lens Case


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If you have spent your money on the best quality contact lenses, it’s equally important to buy good quality accessories to take care of them. You definitely wouldn’t want to spoil your precious contacts just because you tried to save a couple of bucks on the accessories. We only sell solutions which are nourished with vitamins E, B6, and A, providing cool and breezy feel to your eyes.

We have premium lens cleaning products, lens cases, travel kits, eye drops and solutions, and everything in between. The best part is we don’t have these things in boring plastic cases. EyeCandy has some cool cases in designs inspired from Disney, Cartoons, Cupcakes, and lots of other cute stuff.

All our cases use advanced nano silver particle technology which takes their hygiene factor to the highest level. So next time you take out your contacts cleaning kit, be ready for curious people asking where you got them!