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Rohto Eye Moisturizer

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EyeCandys Heart Patterned Contact Lens Travel Case

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MioTTiCA iPOOL Auto Vibrating Contact Lens Cleaner

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MioTTiCA Disney 3D Character Antibacterial Contact Lens Case

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EyeCandys Rose Shaped Contact Lens Case

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MioTTiCA Disney Princess Contact Lens Compact Case

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Rohto Namida Fresh Eye Moisturizer

$ 124.32 HKD

Rohto Lycee Rewetting Eye Drops (Regular)

$ 116.55 HKD

You've already spent your money on some quality contact lenses. It's equally important to get quality products to take care of them. Here at EyeCandy's, you'll find ultrasonic contact lens cleaners that have been laboratory-tested to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from your lenses.

Sometimes, it's necessary to carry a contact lens case with you when you're out and about, but you certainly don't want to carry the entire bottle of solution? Check out our lens travel kits, which include a cute case and portable solution bottle, all conveniently encased in a mirror compact.

Colored contact lenses (especially the yearly variety) may feel a bit drying at times due to the thicker material used. That's why Japanese eye drops have our highest recommendation. These come in 2 kinds: one for day use, and one for night use. The daytime eye drops are designed to refresh tired eyes with a minty hydration, while the nighttime eye drops are meant to be a soothing moisturizing treatment to refresh corneal cells while you sleep!


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4382 reviews

Love these!! The perfect gray/blue for dark brown eyes. Very comfortable to wear too!! Very happy with my purchase.

really pretty

Instead of being grey, they make my eyes look more icy blue. Either way i love them


Soft and very pigmented. My eyes are as dark as they get and these cover them perfectly! I’d recommend these for Day to day wear and cosplay!

Looks really unique!

They look really supernatural looking but natural at the same time, like a wolf eyes. They are not brown but a grey colour, and they don't enlarge the iris. However, it still looks really cool and pretty.

LOVE them

Tittle sums it up. These are very similar to the yearly colored lenses I used to be able to get from my eye Doctor years ago which is what I have been looking for. Comfortable all day into the night. Perscription vision is great! They add enlargment thats very pretty, and depth. I have medium lightish brown eyes naturally and its incredibly pretty with the darker contrast. I will be ordering back up pairs soon!