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EyeCandys Colored Contacts

Looking for the world's most natural-looking contacts? EyeCandys' very own line of cosmetic lenses boasts a stunning collection of colored contacts that look and feel as natural as your own. EyeCandys' cosmetic lenses offer a variety of styles and colors that are perfect for achieving the fresh, youthful, and doll-like look of the Douyin makeup trend. From soft, bright shades to glittery and glassy options, our lenses are sure to impress. With a water content of 38%, EyeCandys cosmetic lenses are truly the perfect match of beauty and comfort!

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EyeCandys Pink Label Silicone Hydrogel Lupin Grey Colored Contacts Circle Lenses on a dark brown eye with minimal eye makeup. With the design of the Lupin Grey circle contact lens
EyeCandys Pink Label Silicone Hydrogel Lupin Grey Colored Contacts Circle Lenses on a dark brown eye with minimal eye makeup
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Pink Label Silicone Hydrogel Lupin Grey

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Quick Contact Lens Tips

Take your pick from our most natural-looking, no limbal ring colored contact lens, to our equally beautiful circle lenses that give definition and sufficient enlargement. Expand your makeup horizons with EyeCandys' exclusive range of natural cosmetic lenses, specially designed to mimic the textures of real human irises and perfect for Douyin makeup eyes.

These colored contact lenses come in shades of grey, blue, green, and brown. The patterns are printed such that the color is dense where coverage is needed, and more translucent to transition smoothly towards the center pupil hole. At EyeCandys, you can be assured your cosmetic lenses are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Sourcing our contacts from health-authority approved manufacturers means that you'll be wearing the safest hydrogel materials on the market. Their thin edge and soft flexibility ensure you don't feel a thing when wearing them.

Who doesn't like a life hack? Especially when it comes to makeup and an "everyday" item like contacts. These colored cosmetic lenses are everything a "life hack" is and more. Combining the best of beauty and function, color contacts let you see a whole new world of aesthetics, aligned with the Douyin makeup trend. Achieve the doll-like eyes, elongate the eyes, and add a youthful touch to your look with EyeCandys' colored contacts. Embrace the trend of Douyin makeup eyes and let your beauty shine through with our carefully curated collection.

Get the Perfect Douyin Makeup Eyes with EyeCandys:

Pair our colored contacts with brown eyeliner for the authentic Douyin makeup eyes look. Add high-placed blush and diffused two-toned lips to fully embrace the Douyin style. Enhance your beauty routine and redefine your eye aesthetics with the impeccable style of Douyin makeup eyes. Experience the ease, versatility, and comfort of EyeCandys' colored contacts and transform your look today!