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Natural Colored Contacts

Transform your gaze without compromising on authenticity with EyeCandys' range of natural colored contacts. Engineered to harmonize with your natural eye color, our natural color contact lenses offer a seamless blend that adds a splash of unique charm. Keep the inherent beauty of your eyes intact while introducing subtle enhancements that have the star power of celebrities like Kylie and Kim.

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Through the years, bold colors and accesories have stayed through the trends. This 2024, fashion has taken a turn to the mild side-- to the nudes, the naturals, and the muted tones. With the neutrals changing the game and having the upperhand in today's trends, we have found a much deeper appreciation to the beauty in the basics-- case in point: My-Lips-But-Better (MLBB) and the resurgence of nude lippies; basic fashion pieces like the common white tee, or the LBD; and now, the My-Eyes-But-Better and the increasing hype of natural colored contacts.

The natural eye look is created by using whatever eye color one desires. These colored eye contacts are formed by colored pixels imitating the pigments of the actual human iris all encased in natural-sized lenses. While cool colors such as green, blue, and purple are still well-loved by avid contacts wearers, brown and black colored eye contacts are now getting the big hype (as seen in the increase of brown and black variants in the market) and are considered the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes.

Vibrant and bright eye colors usually have a much greater look impact on fair-skinned individuals. Common eye colors such as brown, hazel, and black, on the other hand, are versatile as they could pair well with all kinds of skin tones and make-up. That's the thing about basics: they look good with anything, and they can even make something look even better despite being grounded to the naturals. In addition to the browns and blacks, one major contacts trend going around is the No Limbal Ring. These contacts do not have the thick round ring encircling the lenses to provide more definition. Instead, these natural colored contacts are unbordered to mimic the actual appearance of the iris.

Natural colored contacts, just like all other contacts, come in different replacement cycles. Depening on how frequently you use contact lenses or how much you like to keep a specific eye color, there is a replacement cycle that would best work for you. Colored eye contacts are available in daily, weekly, or biweekly cycles if you want to try on a new color; and in monthly, tri-monthly, semi-annually, or annually if you want your lenses to last longer.

Colored eye contacts are best worn when they are in their perfect condition. No matter how pretty the design looks, or how striking the colors are, if these lenses aren't taken cared of, they won't be able to serve their purpose well. To take care of your contact lenses equates to take care of your eyes. Some might think that caring for lenses takes a lot of effort, but it all really boils down to 3 key things: 1) Maintaining cleanliness-- that includes religiously cleansing them with multipurpose lens solution alone, never touching the lenses with unclean hands, and never letting anyone else wear them, 2) Longevity and life span-- that includes knowing the replacement cycle/expiration date of your lenses and not wearing them for more than 8 hours a day 3) Proper storage-- that includes a clean contacts case and to take the contatcs out before sleeping or swimming. While these steps are basic common knowledge, it's always best to keep these things in mind to avoid a lapse of judgment and your eyes suffering the consequences.

These colored contact lenses do not have any kind of outrageous shade and this is the USP of these lenses. The natural looking colored contacts are crafted after being inspired from real and natural eye colors. The contacts also work on enriching the deep look of your eyes and add a kind of glitter that doesn't seem artificial. People will actually be guessing if you are looking different but won't be able to straight away tell it that what is the change. If you enjoy that kind of mysterious look while going around then you have already found the right stuff for you. And that stuff is EyeCandy's natural looking colored contacts. Try these lenses out today to experience the magic.