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Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Define your own signature style with our vast collection of non prescription colored contacts. Designed to complement whatever makeup, hair color or outfit you choose to wear, these lenses are a quintessential beauty accessory that can transform your look in just seconds! Colored contact lenses can cause total transformation of your eye look, or just a small enhancement in the perceived size of your irises or just a bit more dimension to your eye color. Say goodbye to wishing you had bigger, prettier eyes. Non prescription colored contacts are here to help you fulfil that dream! Choose a circle lens with a large printed diameter to achieve a wide-eyed, innocent, dolly look that you’ll love! Larger-looking irises are one of the most common reasons that people choose non prescription colored contact lenses.

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Quick Contact Lens Tips

Are you looking for a subtle enhancement to your original eye color? Maybe you love your natural color, but wish it “popped” just a tiny bit more? Choose a lens with multiple tones of color that will add dimension and intrigue to your eye look. Or, experience the definition a dark circle at the outer edge of your lens can create!

Do you crave a 360-degree change? EyeCandy's contacts allow you to sport a different look whenever and wherever you want. From cosplay and Halloween non prescription colored contact lenses to a daring everyday look like aqua or violet, we have a cheap color contact non prescription option for you! You can browse by color or printed size.

Are you sporting dark eyes? Think there’s no colored contact lenses that will show up against your dark brown or black eyes? Well, we are here to tell you, non prescription colored contact lenses can work miracles on even the darkest eyes! You can transform your eyes to green, hazel, a golden brown - even baby blues! The possibilities are practically endless!

With a pair of non prescription colored contacts getting those ocean blue eyes, doe black eyes, smokey grey eyes, or foxy brown eyes is now within reach. Whether you want your contacts the same size as your actual eyes, or you want to achieve big doll eyes, anything is possible. It's just a matter of a little mix and match of your ideal colored contacts non prescription checklist and you're good to go.

Colored contacts non prescription or with prescription, should always suit your visual needs. Our non prescription colored contacts by definition do not come with any vision correction, and can be worn under glasses. So, even if you require some vision correction, you may benefit from a pair of non prescription colored contact lenses.

Many people wonder if colored contacts are safe and healthy for their eyes. You may wonder if there are risks to wearing coloured contact lenses non prescription or with a prescription. And, are those risks worth the payoff? Well, rest assured, we have your health and safety at the forefront of everything that we do. We only source contact lenses from the most trusted manufacturers, because we know that your eye health and safety are of the utmost of importance. Our favorites are FDA approved, like Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue, Freshlook, GEO Medical. All of our products have a minimum of 4 international health certifications and are made with the latest materials (silicone hydrogel, anyone?), ensuring your eyes remain healthy, happy and beautiful!

Different colored contact lenses come in different replacement cycles (ie. daily/biweekly/monthly/tri-monthly/semi-annually/annually). Choose a pair that best suits your individual needs. You may prefer to start each new day with a fresh pair of lenses. Or, maybe you want a pair that can be worn for a full year with proper care. Our contact lenses can be worn 8 hours a day, or even longer, as long as you have your multipurpose contact solution in handy. Always take note of their expiration date and shelf life. Be sure to give your eyes a rest from time to time. Do not sleep or swim in your non prescription colored contacts. The best way to keep your eyes safe and comfortable is to take proper care of your non prescription colored contacts. This requires daily cleaning and appropriate storage.

So, now you know what non prescription colored contact lenses can do for you and your eye look. You know that they are designed and manufactured with your safety and comfort in mind. The hardest part at this point should be choosing your new favorite accessory. EyeCandy’s makes it easy. You can browse by wear cycle (how long a lens can be worn before replacement), lens printing size, number of tones in the print, color, overall effect, and more! All that’s left for you to do is get looking!

Let your eyes do the talking, and get yourself a pair of EyeCandy's contacts today!