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Phosphorylcholine (PC) Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Making its name in the contact lens industry, phosphorylcholine (aka PC) is a material recognized for its ability to adapt to the natural composition of the eyes. In fact, PC forms the biocompatible coating of many medical implants and prosthetics. Silicone hydrogel (Si-Hy) is the gold standard for contact lens materials today, favored for its high oxygen transmission and moisture retention.


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The PC coating minimizes water evaporation from your eye surface, providing long-lasting hydration and comfort. Unlike typical contact lenses, PC’s biocompatibility reduces the risk of irritation caused by protein and lipid buildup.


Approved by the US FDA, GEO Medical PC lenses utilize phosphorylcholine multi-layer coating (PCMLC) technology, stabilizing the lens pigment between two layers of PC silicone hydrogel.

UV Protection

Sun damage is notorious for causing all sorts of premature vision issues. Thankfully, GEO Medical PC lenses having a UV-blocking coating to shield your precious eyes from UVA and UVB rays. It's like wearing protective sunglasses wherever you go!