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Are you a beauty/makeup blogger, Youtube guru or Instagrammer?

Want to review some free EyeCandy's color contact lenses?

We'd love to sponsor you some lenses to you for sampling in exchange for a review and links to our website. Our sponsorships consist of 2 types:

  • Review with modelled photos
  • Feature in makeup tutorial(s)

Every couple of weeks we'll select a handful of people to whom we'll send some contacts for free! All you have to do in your Review/Feature is link back to www.eyecandys.com or tag @eyecandyscom (for Instagrammers). If you love the lenses, please share with your audience and tell them why! If not, please do the same. We'll be using all your feedback to look for new designs for everyone to enjoy!

The recommended minimum is 1000 followers, and we'll be checking for your social media activity (e.g. most recent post, comments, likes). Before we send out any products, we'll email you to confirm your identity (to make sure that you submitted your own blog).

We thank all applicants for their interest in collaborating with EyeCandy's. We regret that we aren't able to accept everyone due to limited availability. However, we are more than happy to have your information on file so that we can contact you in the event that we open up more sponsorship opportunities.

By providing your information below, you agree to give us full permission to use your product review photos and content on EyeCandy's marketing and social media activities. EyeCandy's will always give credit to you whenever possible.

Link to Us!

If you have a website and would like to recommend us to your friends, feel free to download and share our banners. You can link them to www.eyecandys.com.

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