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Stay in trend: 2022’s best color for contact lenses

Stay in trend: 2022’s best color for contact lenses

The jury’s out and Pantone’s color of the year has officially been unveiled. Your standard blues and greens are out and ‘Very Peri’ is in. Revealed as the shade that will best encapsulate this coming year, it is described as ‘a periwinkle hue that combines the steady tranquility of blue with an energetic infusion of red’. There’s a lot of buzz around this new creative color, and people cannot wait to get their hands on everything designed with it.

Colored contacts are one of the most popular accessories on the market right now so there’s no surprise that people are searching to see if this beautiful color can be found on a pair. Luckily enough, Eyecandys stock a wide range of different lenses, in all shapes, sizes, and shades. This includes some vibrant purples and periwinkles. Although you may not find colored contacts with the exact name of ‘Very Peri’, you will definitely find something with the same hue and beauty.

1. EyeCandys Pink Label Shade Violet

Who doesn’t love the color violet? It’s unique, vibrant, and very close to the ultimate color, ‘Very Peri’. Apart from the color, these colored contacts provide you with a complete transformation with comfort like no other. The high water content means you hardly notice you’re even wearing them. Plus - they’re super easy to apply! With a bold color like this, you can dress up any outfit or look. People will be in awe at how gorgeous you look and want to get their hands on a pair straight away when they see you wearing them.

2. EyeCandys Pink Label Rio Grey Violet

Our Pink Label range pulls out all the stops when it comes to colored contacts. For something a little different, you are going to want to opt for this unbelievable SEVEN tone lens. Crafted from the highest quality materials, people will be able to see the periwinkle hue from miles away. Whether you need them for fashion or for seeing, this shade offers both prescription and non-prescription strengths for you to try. Able to last up to a full three months, you’ll no doubt fall in love with these colored contacts and never want to take them off. Prepare to show off the color of the year with ease.

3. EyeCandys Pink Label Galaxy Violet

To infinity and beyond! Get ready to be starry eyed with these unique and adventurous colored contacts. You get the all-in-one package, with the bright violet color combined with little specks of white to give off the feeling of looking into the galaxy. No one will be able to stop staring at your eyes, and you won’t mind at all. With a 38% water content, your eyes will stay comfortable all day (or night) long. Keep them for a special occasion or transform your everyday look, you definitely won’t regret it.

4. Dueba Eyescream Winki Violet

You scream, eyescream… We all scream for VERY PERI! Or in other words, Winki Violet. Try something different when you decide to dress up by opting for Dueba’s ultimate colored contact. Getting your hands on these will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Not only are you gaining great comfort when applying your lenses, but they can enhance your vision too as they are also available in myopia prescription. The pattern on the eyes is like no other and you’ll be the talk of the town the moment you put them on.

5. Innovision Elite II: 3-tone Violet

Last but definitely not least, we introduce to you: The brilliant 3-tone violet colored contact by Innovision. Described as one of the most comfortable lenses around, they are always moist while fitting your eyes perfectly. To top it off, the material they are made out of contains UV-A and UV-B protection, making them perfect in the summer. What’s better than showing off the beautiful three tones of violet, grey, and green than under the sun’s glow? We think you’ll absolutely love these unique colored contacts so we definitely think you should give them a go.

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