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Allergy Season and Contact Lenses

Allergy Season and Contact Lenses

Allergy Season
and Contact Lenses

Allergy season is likely alive and well for you currently. For example, a recent study found that 22 million Americans suffer seasonal allergies. So, you are absolutely not alone! And, with the power of the masses and a little bit of technology, you would think there may be some solutions to such common struggles.


What does that mean for your favorite accessory? Well, believe it or not - with the right pair of contact lenses, it doesn’t have to be a problem at all!

So, maybe you’ve struggled with your contacts during allergy season in the past…

You are in good company, my friend. The American Optometric Association says that more than 75% of contact lens wearers complain of allergen-caused eye pain and irritation. That’s because allergens have a special attraction to contacts – especially the soft variety, which most contact lens wearers use. Cute, right? Or… maybe not so much.


The majority of us prefer soft contact lenses because, of course, they are softer on the eye and therefore more comfortable. Sounds great, right? The most comfortable contacts also tend to have a higher water content, making them feel more natural. Unfortunately, that also means they act as mini sponges to grab those attractive little allergen-containing molecules! Not only do they keep allergens in the eye - they also prevent using medications you might want to apply.

But, I promise, we have some solutions for you.

One of them is - literally - solution. Keep your artificial tears handy and use them regularly. This can not only keep your eyes moist and more comfortable, but also wash away allergens from your eyes as well as your colored contact lenses.

Pro tip: Skip any brand of over-the-counter redness relievers and buy the artificial tears instead. Redness reducing solutions are only cosmetic and won’t actually do anything to make your eyes feel more comfortable


Keep it Clean, Girl!

During allergy season, it is important to get even more serious about your colored contact cleaning routine. Clean more often and use a preservative-free solution, which is better for not only your contacts, but your eyes as well.

If you’re looking for a fresh new pair of lenses to bring in the new allergy season, we recommend you take a look at our new i-Dol lenses! There are some gorgeous, creative looks, including uniquely bright limbal ring colors. Be among the first of your friends to try out these beautiful colored contacts!

Hands Off!

When you have an itch, you want to scratch it. We get it - we do. But when it comes to your eyes, just don’t! Excessive rubbing will only make it worse. Instead, get a nice cool washcloth or other compress and gently treat your eyes to a little TLC. It can help keep swelling and itching in check. With the current public health crisis, we simply cannot stress this enough! Though we understand it can be difficult, it is critical you avoid touching your eyes!

Change is a Good Thing!

One of the simplest answers to your itchy, watery, allergy woes may be simply switching to a daily colored contact lens. This can be a great alternative and save you time cleaning your contacts. If you could use a little extra time and a bit lower maintenance routine, daily lenses may be your answer.

Not sure daily lenses to choose for allergy season? We have an answer for that, too!

Lilmoon 1-Day lenses come in a variety of colors that we know you’ll love, from Chocolate to Blue-Grey. From solid colored contact lenses to multi-tone contacts that blend beautifully for a natural look, there’s something to please any taste. Disposable lenses are a great option for avoiding contact with allergens that can be compounded by placement of a contact lens on the eye.


Freshlook color contact lenses are another fabulous option. In fact, they are an absolute favorite among fans of colored contact lenses. That’s because they are bright, beautiful, and printed in a pattern that blends perfectly with your own eyes. And bonus - they come in daily disposable as well! You will love them in green, blue, and grey!

Most of All…

Try to enjoy this allergy season. Remember there’s something to love about Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer - even if they do cause some discomfort! We encourage you to do your best to make the most of it!

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