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Tips for Wearing Contacts in the Winter

Tips for Wearing Contacts in the Winter

Winter Woes - Dry Eyes and Colored Contacts

Cooler weather is on the horizon. And with it, dry eyes… and skin… and scalp… and hair… The list goes on! Winter weather and dehydration go hand in hand. While we can’t solve all of these problems for you - as much as we’d love to - we can give you some advice to help alleviate your dry eye symptoms.

Like us, you’ve probably fallen in love with at least one pair of colored contact lenses and you love transforming your look each morning. Whether or not you require vision correction, colored contacts may be part of your daily routine.

Along comes winter, and suddenly, you’re feeling scratchy, dry lenses and experiencing a discomfort you’ve never had before. We know - we’ve all heard the old saying, “beauty is pain.” Let us be completely clear - wearing colored contacts should never hurt. High-quality colored contact lenses are safe and feel comfortable. That’s why we here at EyeCandy’s source from only the best manufacturers - to ensure your eyes receive the very best care available.

In general, the higher the water content of your colored contacts, the more comfortable they will feel. The key here is hydration. So, it would follow that as they become dryer, they would also feel less comfortable.

So, how do we combat dry eyes when wearing colored contact lenses in order to experience less discomfort and irritation? We have a few ideas:

Don’t wear them longer than recommended:

Each pair of colored contacts comes with a recommendation for how long they should be worn. In the dry winter weather, it is even more important to adhere to these guidelines.

For example, if your contact lens box suggests wearing them for less than 8 hours, plan accordingly.

Avoid wearing them when not necessary:

For example, on a five hour flight, do you need to wear your colored contact lenses? Could you instead wear a pair of glasses for vision correction? The cabin air is sure to be dryer than many other environments.

Consider your workspace:

Your office may become particularly dry in the winter thanks to the very convenient and necessary central heating units. And this can wreak havoc on your colored contact lenses.

Use a mini humidifier or spritzer:

Side note - this can also help combat skin dehydration, which we all know is one of the most frustrating side effect of cold winter weather! Strategically place your humidifier where you will receive the most benefit.

Pack eye drops:

Make sure to keep a small bottle of eye drops with you to help lubricate your eyes as needed. This can be soothing whether you’re wearing your colored contacts or not, as dry eyes can become uncomfortable quickly when you’re factoring in strong, cold winds outdoors and dehydrating central heating indoors.

If you’re not used to eye drops, try a pure saline solution that is free of preservatives for the best results!

Here’s one of our favorite eye drops. They’re rewetting for continuous comfort!

Or, try this cooling moisture delight!

Cut down your screen time:

Staring at your computer screen for long periods of time increases dryness and discomfort, with or without contact lenses! But, those beautiful color contact lenses can certainly increase your discomfort from dry eye.

Naturally, we blink to help retain hydration. The longer you stare at a computer screen, the more your blink rate decreases. Plan breaks from your screen every 20 minutes to retain moisture in your eyes.

Trade your contacts for blue light blocking glasses:

Blue light blocking glasses help to reduce eye strain when using electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and cell phones. By blocking blue light, they also improve sleep quality and can prevent chronic headaches.

The best part is, blue light blocking glasses don’t have to look boring or old-fashioned. We offer blue light blocking glasses in a wide variety of frames, with and without prescription lenses.

If you love the nerdy-chic look of a sexy pair of specs, take a peek at these:

For a barely-there look, check out these fine-lined rose gold frames:

So, which strategy will you try first? Or will you give it a shot with a combination?

Remember - beauty does not have to equal pain. And with quality colored contact lenses, it shouldn’t!

With our simple steps, you can enjoy a beautiful, safe, and comfortable winter season! Dry skin, hair, scalp, and eyes as a result of winter weather can be a thing of the past.

And with our list of tips, you can start protecting your most important assets - the windows to your soul - your eyes!

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