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Are Colored Contacts Reusable?

Are Colored Contacts Reusable? - EyeCandys
Close-up of a woman's face wearing EyeCandy's colored contact lenses, highlighting the vibrant eye color transformation with the contacts, with overlay text

Colored contacts have become a popular way to enhance your look and experiment with different eye colors. But with so many options available, a crucial question arises: can colored contacts be reused? The answer depends on the type of colored contacts you choose. Let's delve into the world of reusable and disposable colored contacts to help you make informed decisions for your eyes.

Types of Colored Contacts and Reusability:

There are two main categories of colored contacts in terms of reusability:

1. Daily Disposable Colored Contacts: These contacts are designed for single-use only. They are incredibly convenient and hygienic, as you simply discard them after each wear. This eliminates the need for cleaning solutions and storage cases.

Collage of Daily disposable lens on a close up asian eye showcasing various color - ranging from define fresh blue, greyzel, honey and other brands of coloured contacts - YUrial Earl Grey and Yurial Water Brown


2. Reusable Colored Contacts: These contacts offer a more cost-effective option for frequent wearers. They come in two primary varieties:

      • Monthly Colored Contacts: These lenses can be reused for up to a month, provided you clean and store them properly in a disinfectant solution every night.

      • Yearly Colored Contacts: With proper care, these contacts can last an entire year. However, due to potential protein buildup and increased risk of infection, consulting an eye doctor before opting for yearly lenses is highly recommended.

Display of EyeCandy's reusable colored contact lenses, featuring options for monthly and yearly use, highlighting their vibrant colors and sustainable design. Below featuring the contact lens: (left to right) Polaris Ursa Olive Green, Pink Label Hey Mish Blue, Milk & Tea cream grey, Desire Glacier blue, sunlit pink brown, Maddie Grey.

Factors Affecting Reusability

Close-up of EyeCandy's hydrogel and silicone hydrogel colored contact lenses, highlighting their comfort for daily wear and enhanced oxygen flow for extended use.

Several factors influence how long you can safely reuse colored contacts:

  1. Material: Hydrogel contacts are comfortable for daily wear but may dry out faster. Silicone hydrogel lenses allow for more oxygen flow to the eye and can be reused for longer periods.

  2. Wearing Schedule: The longer you wear your contacts each day, the more frequently you'll need to replace them.

  3. Eye Health: Pre-existing eye conditions might impact how your eyes tolerate reusable contacts. Always consult an eye doctor for personalized advice.

Risks of Reusing Disposable Contacts:

Illustration of risks from reusing disposable colored contacts: eye infections, discomfort, corneal damage.

Reusing daily disposable contacts is a big no-no! It significantly increases the risk of:

  1. Eye Infections: Bacteria can accumulate on lenses designed for single-use, posing a serious threat to your eye health.

  2. Discomfort and Irritation: Reusing disposable contacts can lead to dry, itchy, or red eyes.

  3. Corneal Damage: Persistent use of disposable lenses can scratch or damage the cornea, the clear surface of your eye.

Caring for Reusable Colored Contacts:

Cleaning supplies diagram for contact lens care: recommended solutions for cleaning, replace storage case every 3 months, adhere to replacement schedule.

To safely reuse colored contacts, follow these essential steps:

  1. Cleaning and Disinfection: Clean your contacts thoroughly with a recommended solution after each wear.

  2. Storage Case Care: Replace your contact lens storage case every three months to prevent bacterial growth.

  3. Replacement Schedule: Strictly adhere to the recommended replacement schedule for your specific lenses (monthly or yearly).

Alternatives for Occasional Use:

If you only plan on wearing colored contacts occasionally, consider these options:

1. Daily Disposable Colored Contacts: These offer a safe and convenient solution for short-term wear.

close up image of model wearing the contact lens melinoe beige brown and on the right side is a collage of various daily disposable contact lenses - (top to bottom) Aery Rose Lucid Brown, Melinoe Beige Brown, and Khione Olive.


2. Decorative Contact Lenses: These non-corrective lenses are worn over your regular contacts for special occasions and costume wear.

A model wearing blue contacts complimenting her festival make up look, with collage of close up eye on the left side showcasing various pink label contact lenses ranging from Shade grey, brown, and green.

Colored contacts can be a fun way to add a touch of personality to your eyes. However, prioritizing eye health is paramount. When choosing colored contacts, consider your needs and opt for reusable lenses only if you understand the proper care routine and potential risks. Always remember, consulting an eye doctor is vital to ensure safe and enjoyable use of colored contacts.

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