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Beginner's Guide to Fuji Instax Cameras

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Seriously, when was the last time you actually read the instruction manual for your iPhone/tablet/camera? Fuji Instax film cameras are not difficult to use, but it does take a little know-how to get your photos lookin' pretty. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive guide here to just point you in the right direction.

Notable Notes

  1. Be aware of the expiration date of your films, as expired films will have unpredictable colors and exposures.
  2. Donโ€™t leave your camera sitting out in the sun or in hot temperatures for extended periods of time. Extreme cold will not do the camera any good either. These are not cameras made for wear and tear!
  3. Waving your photos will not make them develop any faster. Just set them aside preferably not in sunlight and wait for a minute or two for the image to appear.
  4. If want to take close-ups (e.g. of flowers, insects, etc.) we suggest you use the macro lens which is a clip-on attachment that sets the focal length of the camera to infinity. This will get your pictures in focus.
  5. Flash is very handy for indoor photos and even if itโ€™s bright outside.

General Comparison of Various Fuji Instax Cameras

Fujifilm Instax Cameras Comparison Chart

Now let's look into each camera's features.

Instax Mini 7S - Best Family Camera

  • Lens: Fujinon lens, f=60mm, 1:12.7, 2 components, 2 elements
  • Finder: Inverted Galilean finder, magnification 0.4, with target mark
  • Focusing: 0.6m - Infinity
  • Shutter: Electronic shutter 1/60-sec
  • Exposure compensation: Manual
  • Film feeding out: Automatic
  • Flash: Automatic flash is low light, automatic adjustment, 0.2 - 6 second recycle time, range of 0.6 - 2.7m
  • Batteries: Four LR6 AA-size 1.5V batteries
  • Body size: 119.5 x 121.5 x 70.5mm, 320 g

Our Review:

The Instax Mini 7S is a well loved camera; it's the best selling one because it's the cheapest. It's very portable and great for travelling. The films are widely available (you can purchase from us, or check out WalMart if you live in North America).

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