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Beware of Fake GEO HoliCat Contact Lenses

GEOLICA HoliCat Barbie Hazel Brown Contact Lenses

It's saddening that some fake GEOLICA HoliCat contacts have been spotted in China recently. Here are the defining features of the fake versus real HoliCat lenses:

  1. Fake lenses are marketed as "HoliCat II" on the Internet (see the 2nd picture below), but GEO Medical only has one "HoliCat" series.
  2. The fake lenses are packaged in pink boxes bearing artwork that is very similar to the original HoliCat characters by GEO. However, the genuine HoliCat lenses are packaged in different colored boxes about 0.5 cm thick - Funky Cat in a light blue box, Lovely Cat in Pink, Cutie Cat in orange, Sexy Cat in red and Barbie Cat in yellow.
  3. Fake lenses have no indication of the manufacturing lot number and expiry date, but the authentic ones have this printed on a white label on the box.
  4. Of course, make sure that the vendor selling you authentic GEO contacts provides a GEO round sticker which contains a scratch-off code that you can check on the official GEO website.
  5. Note that the fake HoliCat lenses have designs similar to, but not identical, to the ones shown on the official GEO website and promotional materials.

Safe shopping, girls!

How to spot fake GEOLICA HoliCat color contact lenses Beware of fake GEOLICA HoliCat contacts from China!
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