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Circle Lenses Buying Guide

Circle Lens Buying Guide: How to get the right color and fit for your first pair of colored contacts!

If you plan to buy circle lenses for whatever reason, it’s advisable to take a few factors into consideration. Not only should you ensure you get lenses in the right color, but also with the right fit. More importantly, you should ensure safety when using any pair of contacts. Following is a buying guide to aid you through the process of purchasing your first pair of circle lenses.

Talk to your doctor.

Whether you choose to buy from him or from someone else, it’s important to consult your eye doctor before making a purchase. For safety purposes, you need to know if you need vision correction or not. It’s also important to know whether you’re a good candidate for a pair of contact lens or not. If you’re given the go signal, then you should also learn what diameter fits your eyes best.

Shop around for a reputable seller.

Before you even worry about price, you need to make sure the company you’re getting your contacts from can guarantee quality and safety. For one thing, the seller you choose should carry lenses from the world’s most trusted brands.

Check the prices.

Only when you’ve ensured quality and safety can you start looking at the prices. It’s best to check three to five sellers and then compare prices. Do note that some vendors sell lenses by the piece (meaning you have to purchase 2 quantities) rather than by the pair. You may also want to check any special deals and discounts to see if there’s any way the cost can be lowered. You’d also do well to note that some sellers charge shipping fees whereas others offer free shipping.

Make sure the tint is applied inside the lens. Remember that the outer rim of a circle lens is tinted to match your natural eye color and thereby make your pupils appear larger. Now, there are generally two ways in which circle lenses are manufactured. Some manufacturers apply the tint on the outer part of the lens whereas others apply it on the inner part (the part that makes contact with your eyes). When you choose a lens that’s tinted inside, you protect your eyes from potential damage caused by peeling, which can happen with a lens tinted on the outside.

Buy online.

Of course, you have the option of buying from your eye doctor or from a local seller. The advantage of buying online, however, is that you get to choose from a wide variety of styles, designs, and brands without stepping foot outside your home. This can be the perfect money-saving solution as long as you make sure you’re buying from a credible seller.

Once you’ve bought your circle lenses, make sure you soak them in the lens solution for a minimum of six hours before wearing them for the first time. Of course, you should also follow cleaning and care instructions to ensure safety. For hygiene purposes, it’s also advisable to change your lens cases every month. Whatever type of lens you choose and wherever you decide to buy them, what’s important is for you to always put safety first.

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