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Contact Lenses That Will Give You the Maleficent Look

Angelina Jolie’s appearance in her latest movie Maleficent was nothing short of bold and spectacular, but what unmistakably stands out are her captivatingly wicked eyes. We’re sure that this look will be very popular amongst both fans and cosplayers alike - now you can get that same piercing gaze with our GEO Sparkling Green model of cosmetic contact lenses!

These bright green colored contacts will give you the Maleficent Look seen on Angelina Jolie in the popular Disney movie!

These green contacts are perfect for replicating Maleficent's striking look in the namesake movie. They feature a dark limbal ring to clearly define the iris, surrounding an inner circle of yellow-green. The pixels in this design are closely spaced enough to cover your underlying iris color, whether you've got brown eyes like Angelina Jolie or lighter eyes. Around the central pupil hole, a vivid splash of golden yellow provides a smooth transition with your eye color. These green cosmetic lenses will make your eyes look as WICKED as those of any villain/witch! Use them in Maleficent cosplays to create the look of the "goat eyes" that the costume designers of the movie had originally wanted for Ms. Jolie.

Before purchasing any kind of contact lens, there are various aspects to take note of. GEO Sparkling Green contact lenses are manufactured according to high standards of precision and have been approved for use by the FDA. Having a 38% water content, GEO Sparkling Green lenses can be used up to one year and provide substantive comfort. In addition, they come in a diameter of 14.0 mm and a base curve of 8.4-8.6, which is suitable for most individuals. Please note that cosmetic contact lenses are frequently counterfeited. We only source our products from the original suppliers to guarantee authenticity.

Whether you’re dressing up for a costumed party or pairing these lenses with a matching outfit, we’re sure that these lenses will catch jealous looks from anyone you see! Just make sure to let them know where you got them!

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