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Halloween Contact Lenses & Costume Suggestions

For years, people have spent Halloween donning on costumes and putting on makeup to make themselves look scary for a costume party. For years, the movie industry has used special contact lenses for special effects, particularly in horror movies. Why not put these two ideas together this year and ramp your costume up with a pair of Halloween contact lenses that can make you look scarier than ever?

Halloween Contact Lenses and Costumes that Go Together

Here are a few suggestions on the characters you may want to portray for your next costume party and the lens design that goes perfectly with them:

Alien – You could dress up in an all-black or moss green body suit and then wear a pair of yellow lenses that look great in black light or a pair of “Species” contacts; the latter type serves as a throwback to the Hollywood movie that launched the career of Natasha Henstridge.

EyeCandys GEO Alien Yellow Colored Contacts

Ghost – No Halloween party is ever complete without a ghost or two in attendance, right? If you choose to go as a ghost, be sure to leave that old white sheet in the attic! For a scarier and more modern ghostly look, get some white body paint instead and cover yourself with it. Complete the look with a pair of creepy black sclera or white out contacts.

EyeCandys GEO White Manson Colored Contacts

Black Cat – If you’ve ever dreamt of someday becoming Catwoman, then you’re probably considering attending a costume party as a sexy black cat. To be sexy and scary at the same time, top off your all-black skintight costume with a pair of cat’s eyes in any color. You may even want to consider wearing a pair of differently-colored lenses for a more unique look.

 EyeCandys GEO Leopard Halloween Colored Contacts

These are just three examples of Halloween costumes you can don and the contacts that go perfectly with them. For any gory-looking costumes, you could wear any of the available red or bloodshot eyes design. If you choose to appear as the devil or any of his minions, flaming eyes would be the perfect finishing touch. Of course, more than the perfect design, you should ensure safety when wearing contacts of any kind.

EyeCandys GEO Fireball Colored Contacts


  • Don’t keep your contacts on for too long. The longer you wear them, the higher the risk for irritation and dry eyes.
  • Avoid smoke machines while you have lenses on. If the party you’re attending is using smoke for effects, be sure to get fresh air from time to time so as to avoid drying out your eyes.
  • Don’t share a pair with anyone, as that can spread infection and cause serious damage.
  • Always follow cleaning and care guidelines to prevent bacteria from spreading.
  • Halloween is indeed an excellent time to dress up and play pretend. With the right pair of Halloween contact lenses, you can raise the scare factor up a notch and truly bring your chosen character to life.
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