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Hollywood-inspired Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween is known as the scariest time of the year, but it looks like people aren’t really that scared as they look forward to dressing up as creatures of the night for Halloween costume parties. When you start planning your own costumes this year, why not take inspiration from Hollywood? Complete your ensemble with any of these Hollywood-inspired Halloween contact lenses:

Mirror Contacts – One of the things that really made a mark in the Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black are Vin Diesel’s eyes. In fact, his eyes became so popular that people are now looking for ways to achieve the “Riddick look.” To do that, simply go all black Riddick style and then don a pair of mirror lenses for the ultimate Furyan look. Even if you don’t go as Riddick himself (or any of his Furyan brethren), these silver contacts are sure to amaze your friends.

Na’vi Lenses – Remember the blue people with flashing yellow eyes in the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar? The Na’vi have also become favorite characters among Halloween partygoers. Should you choose to go as one, simply paint yourself blue all over, don those pointy ears, accessorize, grab a bow and arrow, and complete the ensemble with these jagged yellow contacts with splashes of green.

New Moon Lens – Dress up as your favorite Twilight vampire, load up on white face powder, sprinkle some loose glitter onto your skin, put on fake fangs, and don this pair of lenses to complete your look. The thin black rim and fiery red design around your pupils are sure to make your eyes stand out and give you an authentic sexy vampire appeal.

GEO Cloud Red Contacts CP-S7

Woodland Orc Lens – Who can forget the hated villains in the Lord of the Rings series? If you want to disgust rather than scare, you may want to consider attending parties as an orc. Get some ragged clothing and armor, put on a pair of boots, don an orc mouthpiece, get to work on your makeup and pointy ears, and top this all off with the orc Halloween contact lenses. Black-rimmed with a jagged green design, they’re sure to make you look as fiercely disgusting as any orc in Middle Earth.

NEO Celeb Green Contacts

Zombie Lens – Zombies have long been popular characters at Halloween parties and now more than ever when Hollywood zombie movies have become the rage in recent years. Go Zombie Apocalypse or World War Z on your friends by donning ripped clothing, loading up on white face powder, splattering blood-red paint all over yourself, and completing the look with a pair of yellow, red, green, or blue zombie lenses. You may even want to have differently-colored eyes for a truly eerie zombie look.

Red Zombie Halloween Contacts

Who says special effects are only for the stars? You, too, can look exactly like your favorite Hollywood character with the right pair of Halloween contact lenses. For maximum effect, go for the glow-in-the-dark version.

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