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Top Contact Lenses for Halloween

Halloween and Cosplay Contact Lens

When Halloween approaches and you start getting invitations to costume parties, you’re going to want to come up with the best costume ideas. And what better way to completely bring these ideas to life than to complement your Halloween look with a pair of special-effect contact lenses? This type of contacts is also known as crazy contacts because, well, many of the designs are a bit crazy. At the very least, they’re not what you’d expect normal contact lens designs to be.

What Crazy Contacts Can Do for You

Where Halloween parties are concerned, the biggest benefit offered by special-effect contact lenses is the fact that it can truly bring your costume to the next level. Without the contacts, you’ll simply look like an ordinary person in a vampire, werewolf, or zombie costume. With the right pair of contacts, however, you will indeed look like a vampire, werewolf, zombie, or whatever you want to look like.

If the party you’re attending gives out prizes for those who have the best costumes, then a pair of crazy contacts can definitely bring you closer to winning top prize. These contacts are also sure to draw attention to you, as they can truly add a significant amount of realism to the look you’re trying to achieve. If someone you meet in a dark alley suddenly turns and runs away screaming, hey, you can’t really blame the guy! Blame your awesome contact lenses, instead.

Quick Facts

Here are some of the most basic and important facts you should know before buying your first pair of special-effect lenses:

  • Just like regular colored contacts, special-effect lenses also come in both plano and prescription forms. This means you can wear them whether you need vision correction or not.
  • Like any other type of contact lens, special-effect lenses are classified as medical devices, which means you’ll need a doctor’s prescription to buy them legally.
  • There are special-effect lenses that cover only your irises, and there are also those that cover both the irises and the whites (sclera) of your eyes. These are known as sclera lenses and are ideal if you want to achieve a truly haunting or diabolical look.
  • Just like any other type of contact lens, crazy lenses need to be cleaned and stored properly. Make sure you follow manufacturer instructions as well as your eye doctor’s advice as regards proper contact lens care.
  • Like any other contact lens, special-effect contacts should NEVER be shared with anyone. Your eyes have specific measurements, and wearing lenses that aren’t fitted for you puts your eyes at risk.
  • There are also special-effect contacts that make your eyes look bigger. These are known as circle lenses and are popular among those who want to look like anime characters.
  • Contact lenses should only be worn for a maximum of 8 hours straight and should NEVER be worn while you sleep. Expiration is typically one year after the vial is opened, except in the case of daily and monthly disposables.

Top Choices

There is an overwhelming variety of contact lens design that can be the perfect pair to complete your Halloween costume. To narrow down your options and make the task less daunting, here are the top choices you’d do well to consider:

1. GEO Cosplay – These lenses may have been designed with cosplay in mind, but they can also be the perfect contacts to wear to a Halloween party. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, with the most popular being Naruto, black-out, and white out. The Naruto designs are ideal if you want to bring an anime character to life, whereas the black-out and white out lenses are perfect if you’re attending the party as a demon, a zombie, a ghost, or a ghoul.

Special Effect Contacts

There are special-effect lenses especially designed for cosplay, but may also be used to complete your Halloween costume. photo by istolethetv

2. GEO Pearl White – Those who have tried wearing these lenses commend it for being perfect with a vampire costume. It has a similar effect as a pair of white out lenses. They also look good with a zombie costume, and if the party you’re attending will be using black lights, then these lenses will be perfect for an alien look because it glows blue in black light. These lenses are ideal for achieving a truly creepy look.

3. Cat Eye – Obviously, this design is perfect if you plan to attend a Halloween party as Catwoman or any other feline character. But that’s not the only way to use cat eye lenses. Since this contact lens design comes in a variety of colors, it also looks good with a variety of costumes. You can come as a witch with yellow cat’s eyes or as an alien with green cat’s eyes. A pair of white cat eye lenses can make you look like a truly scary ghoul and red cat eye contacts can be the perfect complement to practically any Halloween costume you can think of.

4. <Fireball – The beauty of this design lies in the fact that it is very versatile. You can use it to complete just about any Halloween costume. It is particularly a good fit devil costumes and works exceptionally well when you’re trying to achieve a demonic look. It can also be the perfect pair of contacts to use when you’re not really depicting a specific character, but simply want to look extra scary.

5. Manson – This design features a black outer ring and a colored background. Manson contacts are available in a wide variety of colors, which makes them very versatile. You can wear them with any outfit and achieve any Halloween look you want. White, for example, can be the perfect zombie eyes and green can be perfect as witch or alien eyes. The outer ring serves to intensify your look for a truly arresting and scary appeal.

These are just a few of the best options you can consider when you shop for contact lenses to complete your Halloween costume. You could also go for neon contacts or reptile-eye designs. Whatever look you want to achieve, there’s sure to be a pair of special-effect lenses that’s perfect for it. What’s more important is for you to ensure the safety of your eyes as you enjoy the use of these crazy lenses.

Be sure to consult your eye doctor before buying your contacts and follow his advice as regards wearing and caring for the lenses. Buy your contacts only from a licensed seller who requires a prescription and never EVER share your contacts with anyone! Avoid wearing your contacts to sleep and remove them immediately if you experience discomfort, itchiness, or pain.

It may indeed be a lot of fun to attend Halloween parties knowing you look stunning and your contact lenses make you stand out from the crowd, but above the fun, safety should always be your topmost concern.

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