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How to Achieve the Ulzzang Look

If you want to improve your looks without going under the knife, then the Ulzzang look is what you should be aiming for. What exactly is this look and how can it be achieved? Continue reading to find the answers.

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This is a Korean term that translates into “best face” and is generally used in reference to people who became popular owing to their looks. Achieving the look became all the rage when online contests were held where people posted their photos. Voting was then done to determine who among the participants were considered to be the best looking.

Achieving the Look

The key to achieving the look is flawless skin, a small and round face, and big eyes. What if you have none of these features? Is it impossible for you to achieve that “best face” look? Well, worry not! It’s about time you realized that the right makeup and a pair of circle lenses can do wonders.

-To get the look of having perfect pale complexion, you should start with a bright foundation or face powder. You could also contour your nose to make it look smaller and a little pointy, as that’s what an Ulzzang’s nose generally looks like. A hint of pale pink shimmer on your cheeks may also be a good idea.

-Make your mouth light and bright with lip gloss. Use a variety that gives your lips a pale pink tint.

Korean Ulzang Style

-The eyes are given the most importance when it comes to “best face” makeup. Line your upper eyelids with dark eyeliner, use white eyeliner on your lower lids, and then apply mascara. You could also use fake eyelashes if your natural lashes are a bit thin. To truly complete the look, put on a pair of circle lenses to make your eyes look rounder and bigger. You can choose lenses in a color that perfectly complements the natural color of your eyes, or you can change your eye color completely.

-Style your hair. Curly hair and straight hair with side-swept bangs are very popular, but you can actually style your hair any way you want as long as it complements the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

As for the clothes, there aren’t any specific guidelines to follow. The key is to dress in a stylish and trendy manner, and to accessorize. Try to add as much of a personal touch as you can to the look, but avoid showing too much skin. Remember that the look is characterized by a generally innocent appearance.

Thanks to the Koreans, we now know that one doesn’t have to undergo surgery in order to improve physical looks. All you really need is the right clothes, makeup, and a pair of contact lenses. Better yet, work on enhancing the health of your skin and hair. When you have beautiful skin and hair, you’ll only need minimal makeup (or maybe even no makeup at all) and your contacts to get the ultimate Ulzzang look.

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