GEO Tri-Color Green

1 pair (2 lenses)

GEO Medical


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Power (Left Eye):

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GEO Tri-Color Green Prescription Colored Contacts

Make the world your runway with the number #1 selling series of colored contacts, GEO Tri-Color World Series! This line of colored contacts have no rival when it comes to competition — a favorite amongst Japanese models, you’ll know you made the right choice the moment you try them on!

These green contacts feature a stunning yellowish pattern in the middle of the lens that blends with any shade of eye color, from the darkest browns to the lightest blues. They provide such a brightening and natural effect you’ll fall in love with them instantly!

With a lens diameter of 14.2 your eyes will be sparkling in a lovely, natural way without looking artificial and the 38% water content will keep your eyes moist and itch-free for hours and hours. These prescription colored contacts are manufactured by industry legends GEO Medical, they’re formulated with gold standard Polymacon material for a comfortable use lasting up to one year. What else could be suitable for a fashion diva like you? Go grab a pair — you won’t regret it!

  • Look as refreshing as a spring day with these gorgeous green contacts! These prescription colored contacts are suitable for any day outing for a sweet, innocent look and when paired with dark make-up you'll be seducing with your stare like never before. Lovely and chic, these green contacts are a must for any occasion.
  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power )
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • Make your eyes sparkle with these natural looking set of 14.2 lens diameter contacts with a 38% water content for all day comfort.
  • Using the ever-popular Polymacon material, this high standard pair of lenses have a durability of up to one year.

Get ready for the love that'll be sent your way once you put on these green contacts! You'll instantly understand why the most beloved Japanese models are obsessed with this series of colored contacts. Find yourself adored by all when you rock these natural-looking prescription colored contacts with an inner yellow tinge that will blend in beautifully and bring out the spark in your eye for a brightening effect.

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Size Standard
Style Realistic
Number of Tones 3
Recommendation Good for dark eyes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

GEO Tri-Color Green


These contacts are a gorgeous green that blend in perfectly!!! I have dark brown eyes and I thought these wouldn't show up but they suprisingly did! I love these contacts so much I totally recommend

Green eyes

I usually get brown but my boyfriend wanted me to try a different colour. I don't think they look completely natural on my since I have naturally brown eyes and black hair; but my boyfriend absolutely loves them.

Geo Tri Color Green Contacts

I live in Atlantic Canada and I ordered my lenses on the 9th which was when shipping started and received them on the 23rd, which is 2 weeks to get to Canada. They were fine when I got them and packaged very carefully. I have naturally dark brown eyes and they changed my eye color and make them look naturally green. Although they look more green in pictures, a natural green. There is a slight enlargement but not very noticeable. In places where there is not much light and at certain times they look grey, mostly in indoor lighting. In outdoor/ natural lighting they look more naturally green. Since contact lenses are only meant to be worn for 8 hours, when I wore them for the first 2 days, I could only wear them for 5-6 hours on the first day and then 7 hours on the next day. After that the lenses would get cloudy and my eyes would feel tired. But after that I could wear them for 10-12 hours and more. I would rate the comfort level a 7 or 8 out of 10. It feels like I am wearing nothing until I wear the lenses for more than 8 hours, then they get cloudy. I would buy from them again and I recommend this product. I wasn't sure if I should get them or not for a long time because I have brown skin and wasn't sure how they would look on brown skin but they look very nice. I will try to post pictures if it lets me.

light colour comfy all day

high quality, really comfy to wear all day, script is accurate, colour is 8/10 for lightness, it is smaller size so looks natural too, postage time is very quick for international! Thank you

Power Range 0.00 ~ -10.00
Lens Diameter 14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter 13.0 mm
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Replacement Cycle Yearly
Package Contents 1 pair (2 lenses)
Material Polymacon/2-HEMA
Colored Contact Lenses Wear and Care Usage Guide from EyeCandy's


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