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Lens Indices

Your lens index choice directly affects the comfort and aesthetics of your glasses. A higher index equates to a lighter, slimmer lens, important for strong prescriptions to avoid bulky glasses.


Indexes and SPH Ranges

  • 1.56 Index: SPH 0.00 to +/-2.00.
  • 1.61 Index: SPH -/+2.25 to -/+4.00.
  • 1.67 Index: SPH -/+4.25 to -/+5.75.
  • 1.74 Index: SPH -/+6.00 and above.

Your prescription strength should guide your lens index choice:

  • No prescription: Select 1.56 Index 
  • SPH 0.00 to +/-2.00: Select 1.56 Index.
  • SPH -/+2.25 to -/+4.00: Go for 1.61 Index.
  • SPH -/+4.25 to -/+5.75: Pick 1.67 Index.
  • SPH -/+6.00 and above: Use 1.74 Index.

Ensure you select the lens index that corresponds to your prescription strength. Incorrect selection leads to glasses that may be too thick and heavy, affecting comfort and wearability.

It is your responsibility to match your prescription with the appropriate lens index. If you need further guidance, do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order.


Lens Types

We can customize your frames with 5 types of lenses:

  • Standard Clear Aspheric CR-39. Lightweight lenses for everyday use. Thinner and flatter for better aesthetics and comfort.
  • Blue Light Blocking. Reduces eye strain when viewing screens, especially at night. See and work clearly without any yellow tint.
  • Photochromic. One pair for indoors and outdoors - these lenses quickly darken and fade to clear, so you never have to change glasses. Water-repelling, easy-clean, and shatter proof. Perfect for active lifestyles.
  • Polarized Sunglasses. UV protection in Black or Amber. Reduces glare, so useful for driving.
  • ZEISS HMC Clear: From a world-trusted leader in optics, these premium quality lenses are perfect for busy lifestyles, sporting anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-scratch, shatterproof, easy-clean, water-repelling and UV-filtering benefits. Available in 1.56, 1.60, and 1.67 indices. ZEISS lenses take 10 working days for processing.