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Your lens index choice directly affects the comfort, thickness, and aesthetic of your glasses. A higher index equates to a lighter and slimmer lens, vital for strong prescriptions to avoid bulky glasses.


Indexes and SPH Ranges

  • 1.56 Index: SPH 0.00 to +/-2.00.
  • 1.61 Index: SPH -/+2.25 to -/+4.00.
  • 1.67 Index: SPH -/+4.25 to -/+5.75.
  • 1.74 Index: SPH -/+6.00 and above.

Your prescription strength must guide your lens index choice:

  • No prescription: Select 1.56 Index 
  • SPH 0.00 to +/-2.00: Select 1.56 Index.
  • SPH -/+2.25 to -/+4.00: Go for 1.61 Index.
  • SPH -/+4.25 to -/+5.75: Pick 1.67 Index.
  • SPH -/+6.00 and above: Use 1.74 Index.

Ensure you select the lens index that corresponds to your prescription strength. Incorrect selection leads to glasses that may be too thick and heavy, affecting comfort and wearability.

It is your responsibility to match your prescription with the appropriate index. If you need help determining the best choice for your vision needs, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance before finalizing your order.